Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Hundred Twelve Happenings, Realizations, and Aspirations

It is just amazing that this day has come.

2012 started with new hopes and aspirations. We promised to ourselves that we'll do better in our work, in our relationships and in our endeavors. We imagined that it will be a year of prosperity and abundance. Today, we stand with them --all fulfillment and frustrations, all imaginations which materialized, all the hurt and anxiety, all sufficiency and privations, and all joy and sorrow. Bottom line is they reflect who and what we are today. Have we learned from them? Have we been stronger today? Have we been more matured? How far have we gone?

Undauntedly, we hoped that our government will get better. We hoped that the President will continue to fight against corruption. Yes, we indeed have shown our sense of nationalism by lauding our president in his efforts to end the tumultuous years of governance brought by selfish and corrupt officials. There maybe times that we also booed the president because of failures and irresponsibility. Nonetheless, we trusted and hoped for the betterment of our country. Today, we are now growing economically, and this impetus somehow affected our outlook to our country. The Philippines is now labeled a new economic tiger and will soon become a more progressive country if the wind continues to favor us.

It was in January when a number of people were buried alive in a mining landslide in the South. Then, followed by an earthquake which struck the island of Negros, several typhoons flooded places and even ended the lives of many people. The following months, more typhoons stormed the country killing more people. The Filipinos were also shocked by the six-round knockdown of Pacquiao.

But, 2012 was not merely about suffering and downfall. It was also of windfall and success. The peace deal was signed by the government and the largest Muslim rebel group which laid out the status of the Bangsamoro. Many Filipinos also became triumphant in sports. Investors became bullish to the Philippine economy. More buildings and public goods were constructed, and a lot more in the future. The Philippine stock market ended the fiscal year green.

On the contrary, many are unaware of this. Simple citizens were dealing with their lives the same. Many people still choose to go abroad. Many still do crimes, kill people, abuse children and women, extort from anyone else possible. This year, what have the majority of our people become? That, I am not sure.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rizal's Influence

And now my dear, I’ll face the reality
That Rizal had been a great hero
from the start until today.

And like his bravery and valiance
I’ll have to struggle and pass this test
Like he himself did suffer but endured
The wickedness of the colonizers
Who made him stronger but caused his death.

Today, is today, not yesterday
What therefore would a man do
To change the world?

He has to face her with great confidence
But not necessarily triumphant.
Rizal had suffered and I have too.
Lest, I have the power to follow his ideals
Or better yet create my own. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Joke of the Falpreths

And to you my brothers and sisters
We loudly shout and proclaim
That we found the truth --you shall know
She will not get any older.

For the great numbers
Our ancestors made which we believe in
Had shown us what our days are approaching--
fires and great tremors.

Our counting has matched the requirements
And that this is really certain
Lo, starting this day
Go, enjoy and count.

In the latter days of freedom and life
See to it that you are now prepared
For our numbers are accurate
It will happen--it is inevitable.

Specific! Yes it is
The clay and the figures
All connect well
Alas, at least we know when it is coming.

We are not warning you
We are just informing you
For we are not selfish
And we are just true.

If you might not believe us,
You have no other way but to
Count and enjoy, and count
The numbers do not lie.

And now once again, they have failed. God has ever been true to His promises. I hope "you" stop calculating and/or prophesying things.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plastic Balloon

       Bliss of childhood,
       Memories flashed back.
       What kind of a past
       Did we likely had?
       A small plastic balloon
       Has brought us there.
       And we danced with it
       Like a child again.


A Letter to Maria

Of the flashy smile and of the stare,
Of the random look you dare to spare,
Of the flimsy character you always show,
I swear they are nothing –you always glow.
The long, black silk running from your top
It runs to your back, smooth and bright.
Sudden burst of happiness, O stop!
I cannot help it, I cannot fight.
You grow bigger everyday –I can’t contain,
You look vivid on your dress, you’re the highlight.
Even if the day is hot and dry, or even if it rains,
The same you will appear on my sweetest nights.
Of the flashy smile and of the stare,
Of the random look you dare to spare,
Of the flimsy character you always show,
I swear you got me–you should know.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baguio: The City on Board

The sun had already stretched its myriads of rays to the earth. The birds were busy hopping and flying in the innocent pine trees, the flowers of the wild sunflowers were already in full bloom while the waters coming from the small, narrow waterways just underneath the earth was silently rushing down the small village catering the bushes, grasses, and a variety of plants growing under the tall pines trees near the houses.

It took the sun a little angle again to see the clinging vines of the chayote which was being hidden by this boarding house. But the cold spell was still making me freeze while I was in the blanket cuddling a big pillow to repel the chill. Just a few minutes sitting beside the window,  I finally jumped out of the bed and took a shower.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


“Loving is not owning.” -MYMP

Many relationship nowadays are very conditional and became sigurista. It became love-me-because, i-will-love-you-if, i-love-you-because, etc. Those ifs and becauses turned love or loving as something to be labeled. It is for sure that there is a reason why you do love someone but it is not already right to love and ask or expect anything, something in return. That is why a lot of people hurt and cry. They were into what we call “labeled” love.

Just love unconditionally. God knows our heart’s desires. Who knows? Someone will come in your life the day, time, and place you do not expect. What a surprise then!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Semestral Break Reflection: Bye First Sem, Hello Second!

After being enrolled in the university, I immediately went back home to spend the rest of my vacation in Isabela. I am lucky enough to have at least one more week to rest and be with my family. It took me almost four months to finally have this break, so I will try to maximize and enjoy the break.

I have to say that I learned a lot this sem. Not just about accounting and academic matters but also social matters. I earned some friends and knew more about life. Knowing different walks of life is such a wonderful experience. When I knew that I have the worse problems in the world, I learned that I am still luckier or more fortunate than the others. I learned to give respect  and became more considerate to the people around me. I've heard their own stories—about their painful experiences. Those, I will forever cherish and store in my heart.

Monday, October 1, 2012


It’s no ordinary to wake up each day and have fun.
Many people stumble, cry, and even die.
Today, I realized that I am so lucky.
I am not perfect, perfectly I am not.
Every time I see the sun, I tell myself to enjoy my day.
Today, I am just so happy.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

1054 Steps to Home

There was an awkward feeling as I took my walk way home alone.

My friends and I had a good time watching a horror movie, the Paranormal Activity 3. It was not a scary movie nor a shocking or hilarious one. It was really not. What only made me watching it gruesome was a friend who kept on shouting until the movie was finished. But to see yourself with your valued friends is no ordinary. I felt that yeah, I was so blessed having them in my life. When the movie was over, I accompanied Ivy and Sherzee on their way home together with Axl. We had fun on the way. On my way back, Axl and I parted ways. So I continued walking alone. I reached the crossing and didn't found Adop, another friend I left waiting for a ride home also. Maybe, a jeep had come earlier. It was really awkward. I was scaring myself so I decided to walk faster until I reached the seminary. It was cold and only a dim light was giving a picture of where I am walking through. Across the road is an abandoned house. I didn't try to look at it because I might see something out there, so I never dared. I was still walking very fast. At last, I reached SLU. Wow, I had a bad feeling as I continued. I was fast approaching Quibad’s Place when a shadow caught my attention. I just passed on that shadow when I felt that someone was there. None of course! Ahahaha. I was laughing because my heart jumped scared. I was laughing at that time while staring at the shadow. I was actually counting my steps. I reached 600 steps already that time, and I nearly got lost on my counting.

I reached home.  I really had a good time. I thank God for everything. 

(July 2012)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jesus be the Center

God is just so AWESOME!
(I do not own this photo)
It was Monday. I got just a 4-hour sleep because I already started my review for the coming departmental exam in my Accounting subject. Well, I have no choice. I am aware that when I do nothing, I might see myself entering another course next semester.  This would be one of the most disastrous things I’ll ever face in my life if it happens. Hence, I have to do the best thing, and that is by reviewing.

I’m a changed man indeed. Copying or cheating is not in my vocabulary anymore. I made a vow to God and that I have to stand for. Somehow, it helped, and it will be a big help in the future. I think, if I make myself used to cheating or to other things that aren't helping at all, I’d be unsuccessful—as if didn't learn my lessons, and that I passed because of such. Of course, I don’t like this, the idea. So today, I am establishing an attitude that will help me in the future.

I always say my prayers every morning or if I forgot, I do it while I am walking, sitting, eating or taking a jeepney ride to school. I do it in my mind everytime somehow. Before, I do not seem to care doing such. People change indeed. I believe this. Praying became a part of my life, a lifestyle that I have developed with God. I thank God for giving me a lot of chances to change my old ways. But, I always follow my own decisions and will. I am so sorry because I always shift myself into being carnal. I choose what my flesh dictates me. So, I have to make myself closer to God. I have to give some more time in my quiet times and in my devotions. I pray to God that I can still grow in Him.

My problems with my finances is narrowed. I do entrust everything. Every time money comes in my hand, I entrust my all to God. There are times that I find myself on the ends, the times that I almost cry because my money left is already not enough for the week. However, God is good. He never let me reach a point where I am so, so drained. I believe that when I seek God’s help and remain in His words, He will never let me down. And yes, our FATHER above is rich. We just have to trust Him.

I thank God for giving me my family, my mom and dad, my ates and kuya, my pinsans, my friends, my pastors and all people around me. I thank God for He has given me such precious love ones who, in one way or the other, fill what is not in me. You guys are my inspiration in everything I do. In everything, I give thanks to the Lord.

Yesterday, I just saw the dean’s list outside the university’s lobby. I got surprise when I saw my name in a high rank. I’m so thankful. I didn't expect anything. I remember the time I told myself that it is already enough to be a part of the list. But, no, it was more than what I set. I was in the top 50.  It was a blessed day. My hardships materialized. God knows how happy I was.

Was it not just so awesome? So, let’s do our best all the time because we will never know what will happen next and what will come in our ways in the times we do not expect. So let’s keep pushing. Let’s face life the best we could until we reach our goals. However, let us not forget that there’s a reason why we are here. To gain profits? To earn a lot of properties or money? To accumulate all wealth? These are not what God has planned us to be aiming or doing. We have to find a better meaning of our lives other than achieving such things. God has planned us to be brothers and sisters to everyone(big smile), just this. By doing His will, we will find a better idea of what God wants us to be. I am not saying that we do not use the technologies the world is offering us. I am just saying that let us not focus on those things. They are BONUSES not the real goals. They come along the way (another big smile).

God be with us all. Let’s not waste time. We can change ourselves now. Let’s all ask God’s forgiveness in all the things we have done wrong. Let’s reconnect again to God, and this time, we will never let the enemy cut it again. Doing the same mistake is fooling God. You know, God is so awesome. He does not care who we are or what we have done in the past. It’s only the heart that God is looking on us. Let’s stop doing the same mistake again guys. God is a forgiving God. But you know, we do not grow and we live in misery because of our sins. He can always forgive us but everything we do, He accounts it then consequences follows. In short, it is not God that we are fooling, it is ourselves that we are fooling. We are doing our journey hard and harder. God is offering a way. Who is God that we should not trust into? Who is God that we keep on ignoring?

Time is not yet too late to change our ways and follow God. Don’t prolong your agony. Just accept God in your life and let Him be the center of your life.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Four Brothers: Eros, Storge, Philia and Agape

Every so often, we always find ourselves thinking of the future—finishing college, having a work, earning for a living, and finally getting into married life. Yes! Indeed, whatever we endeavor to do in the future, there will always be a time that we will be thinking of getting married and having a family.  This is something we have in common, and we should not wonder because we are all humans given the gift of love—to love and be loved.
I was just inspired to write about the different kinds of love because I know that this is crucial to everybody because marriage is not a game. I supposed that I will be writing for the youth and the people who are planning to enter into marriage in the future. However, I still considered that people who are already married might come and read this.

Eros, storge, philia, and agape are Greek words that would mean “love”. Let us talk first about eros, storge, and philia.

Storge is a Greek word for natural affection or familial love. Strong's Greiklek Dictionary gave a meaning on it as cherishing one's kindred, especially parents or children. Simple as it is, familial love is sometimes neglected by some family members. Some may even find themselves as victims of harassments and abuse right inside their homes. This kind of love is crucial in the growth and development of the children. Think about those people raised without their parents, those abandoned or simply not feeling the love of their father and mother. Parents should not forget that one of their responsibilities as parents is to spare time with their children, to have some quality time with them, and not just keep on working, working and working. They should be creative enough in dealing with this because children who usually grow out of familial love are likely rebellious and disrespectful. They may even become fathers or mothers who would do the same with what they have in their childhood in the future.

Philia is brotherly love. Some authors would say that this is the same with storge. I would agree on that in some perspectives. Brotherly love is the ‘love’ that we share with our friends, our companions, or what have you. A father and a son can also portray this kind of love. In the teenage years, this prevails among the other kinds of love. Teens would feel comfortable in the company of their peers or circles of friends. Brotherly love is often misunderstood by some individuals especially by opposite sexes. The male would perceive a female’s closeness as something greater than just brotherly love or vice versa. For me, the presence of this kind of love is important because it sometimes serve as a catching vessel to those who are unable to feel familial love. Where would someone seek refuge in times of loneliness especially when family members are not around? Of course, our friends are our heroes and our crying shoulders. That is why it is very important to value our friends.

How is agape different from the other types of love? Agape is the unconditional kind of love or God’s kind of love. It doesn’t require any conditions nor based on conditions. It is the no-matter-what love. You are just happy that you love this someone. Period.

Eros is the romantic or passionate kind of love. Eros love will always fall into the concept of sex. As a Christian, I value the sanctity of marriage, that is, pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex is a sin and that eros is only reserve for married couples. It is the only kind of love that God restricts to a one-man, one-woman relationship within the bounds of marriage.

A Message to the Youth

Let us enjoy our days as youth the best possible that we can but let us protect ourselves from the evil and immorality. Many different people will come our way. Many people would destroy us if we let our guards down. Let us not fail our parents by breaking or losing the dreams we have promised to them. There is a time for everything. Let us not be in a hurry.  One of the problems we are facing today is love. I don’t believe that love at first sight is love. That “love” that you are feeling will fade in the long run. Why? It is not love. Public display of affection (PDA) is a no-no. Don’t let your boyfriend/girlfriend do that! Come on! I wish is that may we grow as children our parents would be proud of.  May we live our lives to the fullest and may we find the happiness God has promised us. God bless!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Wrote Nothing

I had nothing to do that time that is why I tried to play this thing out of my mind. I didn't have any idea of what would make me busy so I decided to write something I myself wouldn't understand nor even get an idea about it.

I faced the mirror asking where and what is, how and who is, and why and when is. The air suddenly became hot and heavy, and the songs playing in my PC got angry and told me to cry! How crazy!

I held the pencil behind me, I tried to use it to finish this thing out but it wouldn't write in the screen. It has its lead but why? I checked it if it really writes. I pulled a paper from my bag. CHECK! It's OK, but why can't it write here in my PC? Why? I have no idea at all.

I got pissed off so I shifted my attention to my guitar. Been thinking about you baby! Hoooh! It even sang, so I joined and shouted, "And I don't know what to do! All I think about is you!" I had fun. I enjoyed the song (like I want to go back in high school, but reminiscing those memories is what I can only do now).

The cursor kept on blinking, blinking, and blinking. I wanted to stop its doing so I tried to write words rapidly, th quck broawn fo jumsa ovear the head o f thea lzus dog! But it was not effective. Stressed out? Not really, I enjoyed this thing. Thoughts from nowhere flew with me. I swam with words. I got tired. And fell asleep. Zzzzz. Good day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Follow me on Twi-THOR!

LOL. THOR-things flooded my wall so I got an idea and made one!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ang mga Bagay na Madalas Nilalabag ng mga Tao

Marami pa rin talaga ang mga pasaway at palalo sa atin.

Araw-araw tayong lumalabas para mamalengke, mag-aral, pumasok sa trabaho o mamasyal. Maraming rason. Maraming ginagawa ot pinagkaka-abalahan.

Tara! Pag-usapan natin ang mga bagay na madalas nating nilalabag o nalalabag. Bagama't ang mga ito ay simple lamang, kadalasan pa rin na hindi sila masyadong binibigyang pansin.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

KFC's Streetwise Cheese Top Burger Released!

“The first and only cheese topped bun burger with KFC’s signature Original Recipe chicken patty with rich Garlic Parmesan dressing. Satisfy your caving with KFC’s new Cheese Top Burger!”

Yes! This is the latest food invention of KFC Philippines which was unveiled yesterday on their Facebook page. I don't know if you like the idea but I think, Filipinos would like to try this out. The price is a little bit high but satisfaction is surely assured. However, I am thinking of different ways on how to eat this burger! Would I just bite it? Or use a knife or fork to eat? Ahahaha. I think, it's better if I go to KFC and have the experience.
Photo from KFC Philippines FB account:

Thoughts about the product:
1. Put the cheese on top and here comes a new product!?
2. I think Spongebob has to do the arrangement like this, bun-chicken-mayo-bun-cheese
3. Maybe the inspiration of the one who suggested this is Superman or Batman. LOL
4. Hmmm. Is this an idea of someone rushing just to meet a quota or deadline?
5. What makes this different or better tasting from cheese placed between the buns.

But at the end of the day, people would still want to buy this because this is really crazy! KFC is still KFC. Finger lickin' kickin' good! Call it maybe. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Isang Paglalakbay sa Lungsod Baguio

Katatapos lang ng enrollment. Isang oras din ang kinailangan para maka-enroll na talaga ako sa unibersidad. Pinalad ako sapagkat isang oras lang ang inabot ko sa pagpila, pagbayad ng matrikula, at pagpapa-validate ng ID. Kadalasan kasi, aabutin ka pa ng limang oras bago maka-enroll. Lumabas din ako agad. Maraming tao ang nasa bungad ng unibersidad—nakatayo’t nakaupo, mag-isa’t may kausap, may ka-text, nagmemerienda’t mistulang may hinihintay. Nasagi sa isipan ko kung ano-ano kaya ang mga nasa isipin nila ngayon. Sa aking pagkakahinto ay napa-isip ako sandali. Sobrang saya ng buhay kapag ini-enjoy!

Habang binabagtas ko ang kahabaan ng sidewalk papunta sa estasyon ng mga dyip malapit sa Igorot Garden, pinagmamasdan ko ang mga tao sa paligid at ang kanilang ginagawa. Sinubukan kong basahin ang kanilang mga mukha. Nag-eenjoy nga ba sila? Masaya kaya sila? Ang mga ito ay ilan lamang sa mga katanungang aking naisip. Gusto ko kasing makita kung papaano gumalaw ang mga tao ngayon, kung malalim ang kanilang iniisip at may dinaramdam. Marami ang mistulang may hinahabol bagamat may mga ilan din namang nagtatawanan habang kausap ang kanilang kasama, ngumingiti-ngiti, at masaya. May mga naka-kunot ang noo, nakasimangot, at tulala. Ganito ang nakita ko. Buhay! Buhay! Ganito talaga ang buhay. 

Tumigil ako sandali at lumingon. Nalampasan ko yung stall ng McDo sa tabi. Bumalik ako at bumili ng float. Pagkatapos ay bumili na rin ako ng bente pesos na hamburger with lettuce, cheese, cucumber at tomato sa katabing tindahan. Nang maubos ko na ang burger ay nagpatuloy na rin ako sa paglalakad tangan pa rin ang float na binili ko. Inalog-alog ko ang float habang naglalakad. Sayang naman kasi ‘yung cream kung hindi maihalo sa coke. Mabilis ko ring inubos. Maraming kakanin sa tabi. Mayroon ding tusok-tusok na patok na patok kahit umaga, turon, lumpia at marami pang iba. Maaliwalas at malinis pa ang paligid sapagkat alas onse palang ng umaga. Kapag medyo hapon na kasi, nagsisilitawan na ang mga kalat sa kalye. 

Dala-dala ko pa rin ang container ng float na binili ko kahit mahigit isang daang metro na ang nilakad ko. Wala talaga akong nakitang basurahan. Pinili kong maglakad sa overpass-WOW-malinis, walang plastic wrappers o ano mang kalat. Tanging bakas lang ng mga dura ng mga nagmamama. Naisip ko tuloy na dapat gawan ng proyekto ang bagay na ito sapagkat hindi talaga magandang tignan ang mga mistulang mga patak ng ulan sa daanan, hagdan, at sa mga gilid-gilid. The city really needs spitting areas. Sana nga lang, maisip nila ito. Dagdagan na rin sana nila mga basurahan-‘yung maayos at tama ang pagkakalagay o distansya. 

Ang mga taga-Baguio ay environment-friendly talaga kaso ‘yung iba nga lang ay walang pakialam. Basta tapon diyaan. Habang naglalakad ako, sabi ko sa sarili ko, “Kapag may makita lang akong magtapon kung saan-saan, pagsasabihan ko.” Pero wala naman akong nakita. Napangiti nalang ako nang may nakita akong ale na may bitbit na walis tingting at dust pan. Pero hindi dapat i-asa sa isang katulad niya ang kalinisan ng Baguio. Dapat lahat ng mga mamamayan ay marunong at binibigyang importansya ang kalinisan ng lugar. Para sa lahat naman ito. Malinis, maganda, mabango ang paligid, walang kalat na pwedeng pagmulan ng sakit, walang nakakasakit sa ulo. Ang mga ito lang naman ang Baguiong gusto kong panatilihan ng mga mamamayan. Bagamat, malinis pa rin naman ang Baguio, sana, lahat ng mga mamamayan ay responsible sa kanilang mga ginagawa. 

Tumawid ako sa kabilang sidewalk sa may pelengke. Hindi naman masyadong siksikan. Nalampasan ko ang mga nagtitinda ng binatog, tinapay, kakanin sa tabi. Hindi na ako bumili. Nagpatuloy na lamang ako sa paglalakad. Naabot ko rin ang Igorot Garden, malapit sa may paradahan ng dyip. Ibinaling ko ang tingin ko sa aking cellphone.9:30 pa lang. Maaga pa. Lumingon ako gawing Burnham. Gusto kong pumunta kako. Habang naglalakad ako sa Igorot Garden, may isang grupo ng mga tao na nagkukumpulan sa tabi. Sinubukan kong maki-osyoso. Naglalaro lang pala sila ng chess. Lumayo na rin ako agad-agad.

"No littering and spitting in the park." Ito ang nakasulat sa isang karatula sa isang sulok na nakikita at nababasa naman ng mga tao. Naglalakad ako nang may biglang dumura sa gawing kanan. Napakamot nalang ako. Katabi pa naman niya 'yung karatula. Medyo nainis na rin ako.

Mag-te-ten palang ng umaga ay marami nang tao sa Burnham. Dumireto ako sa hanay ng mga souvenir stores sa dulo ng lake. Malinis at malamig. Masarap mag-window shopping. Pero may binili pa rin ako kahit papaano. Bumili ako ng dalawang coin purse pampalit sa punit-punit nang purse na ginagamit ko mula pa nung third year HS student ako. Ten pesos lang naman ang isa kaya dinalawa ko na. Tumingin-tingin na rin ako ng mga pwedeng ibigay pag-uwi ko sa probinsya sa sembreak. Marami at mura lang. (hehehe) Mag-ju-June palang, sembreak na agad iniisp ko!

Hindi ako nagtagal sa bilihan. After ten minutes, lumabas na rin ako. Dumiretso ako sa lawa. Marami agad ang mga namamangka. May mga upuan sa tabi pero hindi na ako umupo. Pinagmasdan ko na lamang ang mga tao sa lugar. Marami ang nagkukwentuhan at kumukuha ng litrato.

Tuloy pa rin ako sa paglalakad. Ang linis ng Burnham. Malinis naman talaga, lalo na at maraming taga-linis at hindi pinapabayaan ng awtoridad. Tanging mga nahulog na dahon at bulaklak lang ang nakita ko. Normal lang.

Hindi nagtagal, naghanap-hanap na rin ako ng ma-uupuan. Nakita ang isang lolo sa ilalim ng puno na nagbabasa ng diyaryo. Nagpa-alam ako kung pwedeng makitabi, pumayag naman. Habang ine-enjoy ang preskong hangin, natatanaw ko ang mga namamangka. Enjoy syempre. Masaya ang paligid, luntian at maaliwalas.

Habang naglalakad ako, nakita ko ang isang manghuhula sa tabi. "20 pesos hula." Medyo binagalan ko ang paglalakad upang pagmasdan ang manghuhula. May binabasa siya na para bang comics. Aywan ko ba. "Ano kaya kung subukan ko?" Bigla akong kinilabutan. Huwag nalang kako. Natakot kasi ako sa hitsura nung aleng manghuhula.

Narating ko din ang kabilang dulo ng lake. Bigla akong naihi. Dali-dali akong tumawid at dumiretso sa comfort room. Five pesos ang bayad pero OK na kasi malinis at hindi mapanghi.  Kumpleto pa, may handsoap, at may dryer pa. Paglabas ko, inabot ko kaagad ang bayad. Nagulat ako nang may ibigay na resibo. Oha! Nice one! May kasama pang tissue. Dabes!

Bumalik ako para maglibot-libot pa. Pumasok ako sa mag skating rink. Gusto ko sanang maglaro ng table tennes kaso wala akong makalaro. Umupo ako sa tabi habang pinapanood ang mga naglalaro ng table tennis. Yayaain ko sana 'yung isa kaso inunahan ako ng hiya. Ganun pa man, naghintay ako at nagbakasakaling may dumating na pwedeng makalaro. Ilang minuto rin ang lumipas. Naka-upo pa rin ako at pinagmamasdan pa rin ang mga naglalaro. May dumating na mga tao at nagsipag-rentahan ng skating shoes. Dalawang bata ang unang sumubok at nagpa-ikot-ikot. May sumunod ding magkasintahan. Tawa ako ng tawa kasi 'yung kinuha nilang shoes ay iyong doble ang rollers at hindi rin sila marunong. Naglalakad lang sila at sinusubukang balansehin ang pagkakatayo. Sabi ng katabi kong turista, "Hey, there's a bar over there." Tawa lang ako ng tawa.

May mag-amang dumating at naglaro ng table tennis. Marunong 'yung tatay. Habang nanonood, lumingon ako upang alamin kung ano nang nangyari sa magkasintahan. Ayun, nagpipicturan na lang. (Tawa ulit)

Ang sarap ng buhay lalo na kung ine-enjoy. Masaya nga sabi ko sa sarili ko habang nakatingin sa mag-amang naglalaro at magkasintahang sinusubukang matutong mag-skate. Ganun pala dapat. Sabi nga ni Horace, Carpe diem (seize the day). 

Pagkatapos ng mahigit 3o minutos na pagkaka-upo, wala pa rin akong nahintay na makalaro kaya lumabas na lang ako habang iniisip ang katagang, no man is an island. Random! Malapit ko nang maikot ang Burnham. May nakasalubong akong matandang nakikipaglaro sa isang muning. Malakas ang kanyang tawa ngunit nasa katinuan naman siya, siguro. May mga nagpapa-hena sa tabi.  

BOOM! Ito na ang medyo nagpa-highblood sa akin. May nagpipicnic sa tabi. Mga 3o katao. Nakakalungkot sapagkat maraming kalat. Hindi ko pinagsabihan 'yung malapit sa akin. Maraming matatanda at kasalukuyan silang nanananghalian. Sana nga lang ay pinulot nila iyong mga kalat nila. Sana lang sapagkat hindi na ako bumalik doon.

Isa sa mga ayaw ko ay ang pagkakalat. Lalo na kapag Panagbenga. Naku, mistulang basurahan ang Burnham sa tuwing sasapit ang Panagbenga. 'Di na sila natuto. Sana maging aware ang lahat. Baguio deserves respect.

Sa ngayon, malinis at maayos pa ang Baguio. Sana ipagpatuloy ng kaniyang gobyerno ang pagpapanatili ng kanyang kalinisan at sana'y respetuhin siya ng mga tao at hindi nilalapastangan ang kanyang kagandahan-walang pang-aabuso. Bigyan pa sana siya ng pagmamahal at pag-iingat.

Sa paglipas ng mga taon, pinapangarap kong ang Baguio  ay ganito pa rin kaayos o kung hindi naman ay mas maayos pa. Sana, ang mga mamamayan ay responsable sa lahat ng kanilang ginagawa. Sana, ang Baguio sa hinaharap ay ang Baguio na nadatnan ko-ang paligid ay maaliwalas, luntian, at puno ng buhay.

-May 30,2012 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Masaya ka ba Ngayon?

Nasaan ka na ngayon? Kumusta na? Pagod ka na ba? Suko na? Bakit? 

Maraming mga pagkakataon sa ating buhay ang nagpapabago ng ating pag-iisip at pananaw. Ito ang mga pangyayaring kadalasan ay sumasalungat sa ating minimithi, pinaghihirapan, at ninanais. Minsan, hindi natin maiiwasang manatili sa lungga ng ating pagkabigo at kalungkutan na kung hindi natin malabanan ay posibleng bagtasin natin ang isang daang hindi natin pinangarap o pinapangarap.

Ang kalungkutan ay nararanasan ng lahat. Hindi naman masama ang pagiging malungkot, mas maganda pa nga minsan kapag may kasabay na iyak. Masakit ngunit pagkatapos ay nakagiginhawa. Nasa pag-iisip at paghahawak lang natin ng problem ang pinagkaiba. May iba-iba tayong pagtingin at reaksyon sa mga pangyayari. Basta ang pagbangon siguro ang pangkalahatang iniisip natin.

May iba-iba tayong pagtingin at pag-react sa mga pangyayari. Basta ang pagbangon siguro ang pangkalahatang iniisip natin.

Masaya ka ba ngayon?

Isipin mo. Kung masaya ka, gaano kasaya? Saan ka masaya? Bakit ka masaya? At hanggan kailan ang kasiyahan mong iyan?

Magkakaiba tayo ng basehan ng kasiyahan. Kaya minsan, nami-misinterpret natin ang ilan kung bakit sa isang pangyayari malungkot tayo habang sila ay masaya. Bakit kaya? Ano ba ang iniisip mo? Ano ba ang ine-expect mo? Ano ba ang ginawa mo? May mali ba? Ano ‘yun? Minsan dapat hindi lang tayo basta nalulungkot, kailangan nating alamin ang rason kung bakit tayo malungkot. Ito ‘yung mas malalim na rason, ang ugat ika nga nila.

Ang hindi pagkakontento ang kadalasang rason ng kalungkutan. We expect so much. Kaya masakit kung hindi naabot ang ating expectation. Napaka-ironic kasi sabi nila “let us not limit ourselves,” pero kung hindi naman natin nililimitahan ang ating sarili, maari tayong umasa sa mga bagay na kadalasang nagiging rason ng ating pagkadismaya. Ito na lang siguro ang pwede nating sang-ayunan, dapat nating alamin kung ano ba ang ating ipinaglalaban, nasa ating kamay ang kasagutan, at nasa pag-iisip natin kung paano natin baguhin ang isang sitwasyon at gawing rason sa ating pag-usbong at pagsulong sa buhay.

Hindi lahat ng nakasasaya ay nagbibigay ng kasiyahan at hindi rin lahat ng nakalulungkot ay nagbibigay ng kalungkutan sapagkat lagi naman, hindi nawawala sa atin ang karapatang pumili. Lagi lang nating isipin na lahat ng ating pinipili ay may karampatang katumbas na tayo rin ang nakakaalam o makakaalam.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

God's Planned Generation

This is it. I thank God for giving me a chance to be a part of the Leadership Camp held here in our barrio. I know this is the way God has planned my life, to serve Him, and I know, this is an answer to my prayer. It was amazing, and I will continue to do this ministry. Big or small things, they are all for the glory of God.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ang Sapatos ni Digrit

Malayang taludturan

Nang ika'y nakita, 

Mata'y lumuwa sa taglay mong ganda.
Ako'y nag-isip-isip kung bibilhin ka,
Walang magawa sapagkat butas ang bulsa.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What the word MEME means (Alam mo ba talaga?)

First of all, we should settle first on how we really pronounce "meme" because even I myself made a mistake when I pronounced this word at first and for several times. I asked my classmate, and he told me that it is not pronounced as \mi-mi\, like when you're reading the word "me" twice, or even \meh-meh\, like what a goat sounds like.

All right, don't be surprised because according to, "meme" is actually pronounced as \ˈmēm\! It rhymes with cream, dream, scream, team or what have you. So, share this to your friend to stop the mispronunciation of this word. Oras na para barahin ang mga nagsasabi ng meh-meh. Wahahaha!

Game! How far is your knowing about this? (please check the grammar) It's not only about these meme faces which got viral over the Internet! defines a meme as an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture especially by imitation.

From the word meme, here come another term, the "Internet meme". It is an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. I may be a hyperlink, video, picture, website, hashtag, or just a word or phrase, such as intentionally misspelling the word "more" as "moar" or "the" as "teh". It may spread from person to person via social networking, blogs, direct emails, news sources, or other web-based services. An Internet meme may stay the same or may evolve over time, by chance or through commentary, imitations, parody, or by incorporating news accounts about itself. The above definition is according to Wikipedia. Actually, Rebecca Black's Friday is an example of this.  >>Click this link to see the Best Memes of 2011.

OK. Clearer now? Let's give an example.

Photo Credit:

Actually, this meme is a rage comic face based on a contour drawing of Nicolas Cage that is that is used as a sarcastic response to an obvious observation or statement.  ^1  Moreover, it is used to convey surprise or astonishment and it can be also used sarcastically in response to an obvious statement.^2

Now, this is my question! When you were reading the article, did you still read "meme" as \meh-meh\ or \mi-mi]? ahaha. You don't say!


footnotes: ^1

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Supermoon out Tonight

I went outside a while ago to check this SUPERMOON. It's cloudy and I can't see the moon. Where are you Mr. Supermoon? 

The Flea Who Doubted The Existence Of The Dog

This poem was written by my friend, Jep Nonat, who used to question the existence of God before. This poem is so powerful because it was written from the author's heart and joy for finding God in his life. God moves in a very passionate way, we should only open our doors so that God will reveal Himself to us.

People are living with what they accept as "correct" and "true."
That’s how we define reality through and through.
But what does it mean to be correct and true?
Simply vague concepts generating manipulated hue.

Our reality may all be just an illusion,
Leading us all to absurd and wrong conclusions.
Can we consider this as living in our own world,
Shaped by our own subjective beliefs and words?

A question emerged that bothered me in the past,
And baffled my mind consequently like a blast.
"Does He really exist, from the beginning of time?
Is there really a Creator, that controls every created chime?"

I looked for answers, I searched for the truth.
But I was lost forever in this hopeless route.
I was losing my light in an endless dark.
Then an idea struck me in this unknown arc.

What proof am I searching for?
What evidence am I looking for?
I was so foolish and deeply imprudent.
Everything could’ve never been an accident.

The planet is rotating on its own axis,
And revolving around the sun for this.
The seas and the oceans expand,
As the land and the mountains respond.

Animals and plants coexist with us,
Showing us the very way of life thus.
The day and night is there to balance,
While every organism here is to dance.

Every single cell in our body,
Moves with rhythm and harmony.
And these outstanding bodies of ours,
Heal themselves from wounds after hours.

We can think, we can feel.
Everything is real.
He is the Creator that made my soul.
These gifts are incomparable and whole.

I am still new to this long and painful course of life,
Watching people face unimaginable degree of strife.
But I could see that they still smile and stand.
Are these not enough for me to understand?

I was blinded by curiosity,
Killing my own sense of reality.
But I have long since opened my eyes.
Forgive me for not being wise.

I continue to live with this burden,
A retribution I must pay then.
Like a cross on my shoulders,
Tattooed with an eternal verse.

But then I shall head on right,
‘cause I already regained my light.
And I think I can now smile,
Something I haven't done for a while.

I will never be lost again.
For I am now sure, I am now certain.
He always lives here in my heart.
Something I have failed to perceive from the start.

Yet I know deep inside my heart,
My faith shall never fall apart.
I will now leave my doubts behind,
And let everything be healed by time.

This is Yu-Gi-Oh

This is a part of my life that I value so much. From my elementary days up to this time, I'm still playing and collecting cards as much as possible. No regrets, yeah, I can say this because there is no reason at all to hate or abandon this game.

Skill, creativity, faith, power, respect, honesty, luck, these are just some of the things duelists have to have or possess in order to be called a genuine duelist, a true Yu-Gi-Oh player!

Of course, there is so much thrill in every duel. That is why I like the game. The thrill is just so awesome, players do know how it feels like. Every deck has its strengths and weaknesses so everybody will really experience defeat. Either you win or lose as long as you played fairly, you will enjoy the game!

To my fellow duelists, keep igniting the "heart of the cards" in you. Even if people may not understand why we love this game, we will still continue playing this one. Be a proud deulist! United we stand!

Thomasian duelists


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pagbalibaliktarin Mo man ang Mundo, Ito Tayo

Hospitality=True Happiness
Isa sa mga magagandang katangian ng mga Pinoy ay ang pagiging matanggapin sa bisita, mas kilala sa salitang "hospitable" at maipagmamalaking tatak Pinoy ang kaugaliang ito. Hindi lamang mga turistang galing sa iba't ibang sulok ng mundo ang nagsasabing napaka-hospitable ang mga Pilipino kundi kapwa Pilipino din. Sabi nga nila, ang pakikitungo ng mga Pilipino sa bisita ay kakaiba o "the best" at walang katulad.

Tayong mga Pinoy ay handang ibigay ang kaya nating maibigay sa ating mga bisita. Ni ultimo taong naliligaw o taong nagtatanong lang ay aalukin natin ng upo o kaya'y merienda. Dabes di ba! Ito tayo, parte na ng ating ordinaryong pamumuhay, tatak Pinoy, ika nga, Kulturang Pinoy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lolo Rizal

Lolo Rizal, kumusta ka na?
Abang lingkod, iyong husgahan at hatulan,
Mabuting masama o masamang mabuti,
Mapagmahal sa wika o mabahong isda?

Lolo Rizal, nasaan ka?
Langit, impyerno, mukhang nag-iisip,
Kung nasa langit, ikaw’y bayani,
Kung nasa impyerno’y nagsusulat pa rin?

Lolo Rizal, matagal na ang nakalipas,
Nang pluma mo'y ginamit sa pagsusulat,
Ngunit ikaw pa rin ang bayaning paborito
Sapagkat ikaw’y sikat, ikaw ang pinili.

Lolo Rizal, kumusta ka?
Matagal nang nakatayo sa bantayog mong ginto.
Lolo Rizal, kumusta ako?
Isang manunulat na naghahanap ng inspirasyon.

Kapag natapos ko na ang Rizal, sana masabi kong tama lang ang RA 1425.
Tignan natin. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lamig ng Gunita

Ipikit ang mata,
Buksan ang gunita,
Bagtasin ang daan
Tungo sa nakaraan-
Walang laman,
Walang maulinig,
Tanging lamig.


Press on Toward the Goal

While listening to some songs in my pc, I felt a sudden feeling of writing a story I have been thinking since last week. I paused and thought of the best way to introduce it, but I can’t still start to write about it. After a while, the word “start” just popped out of my mind, so I wrote this one.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Be a Part of my Blogging Journey

I'M just done editing some things in my blog. I hope you guys like the new template. It's my time to sleep. Wait for my future posts. Read some of my articles while waiting, and if you read them all already, check the blog everyday for new posts and updates, thanks. By the way, just feel free to comment on every post so that I can also see some of your suggestions and reactions regarding the stories I'm sharing. God bless us all.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Memories of 2011 Northern Luzon Regional Summer Youthcamp-Jones, Isabela

WHEN our dear pastor announced where and when the 2011  Regional Summer Youth Camp will be held, I didn't think twice. This is a very opportune time, I thought. The experiences of the past youth camps that I attended were amazing and I was just thirsty and hungry to attend once again, and it happened.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Farther I Get and the Longer I Stay, the Better I Look and the Better I Become

I wrote this autobiography last January. This article was a requirement in one of the subjects I took during the Second Semester. I didn't publish this article to boast anything. I hope you won't find it as such. This is merely a representation of God's blessings to His faithful son, and I hope that the things that I will share will become an inspiration. God bless us.

I am a native of Banna, Ilocos Norte. My father, Reynaldo Factora Francisco, is from this place while my mother, Josefina Aglugub Francisco is from Angadanan, Isabela. I stayed at Ilocos for eight years and then settled at Isabela in the year 2003 where I continued my education.  I belong to a typical, poor clan. My parents have not finished their secondary education because of the many obligations they have to do to help the family and also because of their financial status. My parents both entered the Bible School where they both graduated as pastors.

Aside from their being pastors, my mom and dad had also tried to go abroad. My mother went to Singapore and even to Jordan where she got my name. My father went to Hong Kong and worked in a hotel. They worked hard for the family so my parents had somehow improved the quality of our living.

My grandfather (from my father’s side) was with me when I was young, during the time that I was learning basic things in life. I consider him my best friend because when he was still living, he would always call me to accompany him plant vegetables in the backyard, feed the chickens and pigs, clean the garden and specially, sip coffee in the morning. He was a good teacher and a good disciplinarian. He was one of my inspirations. He died in the year 2006.

I have three siblings, a brother (Joefrey) and two sisters (Joy and Joan). They are already graduates from their respective schools. They studied in different universities with the three of them earning a career in teaching. They taught for several years but other opportunities had come along their ways which made them step to another road of their lives. Recently, the eldest and the third immigrated to Canada through the help of my other sister who had settled there earlier in 2007.

When I was not yet enrolled, I really never like reading books. What I only remember is that my elder sister used to post charts of words in a certain wall in the old house in Ilocos before which I tried to read and learn and maybe, this is how I started to learn how to read.

At first, I entered Lading Day Care Center in the year 2000 and received a medal for being active in class and a ribbon for my talent in drawing. Actually, I experienced joining poster-making competitions in this early stage of my education.

When I stepped into the first grade, I was already good in reading and writing. My teacher even told the class that I have the best writing among my classmates. My second year in Lading Elementary School was my last stay there yet a good farewell to my dear Alma Mater because I top the class. It was a bittersweet farewell for me though. I transferred to Isabela after.

Viga Elementary School wide open embraced me. I continued my studies there until I graduated valedictorian from this institution. I owe both Lading and Viga Elementary School a lot for giving me a good and competitive foundation of education.

I went to the city for my secondary education. I thought I would not be able to bear the difficulty of travelling every morning and afternoon because of the shaky and dusty road I have to pass in order to reach the city. I became motivated to endure this since I managed to place first in the class all the way to my last year in high school. In here, I learned many ideas and even the fruit of technology. Honestly, I was so ignorant on my first years in high school but I was thankful that I learned many different things as the days went by.

My stay in the school was an enjoyable experience with so much fun especially when we talk about my favorite subjects. My top three subjects are as follows:

1.      Mathematics. I can say that I am good in this subject since I have been getting high grades. When I was a Grade-2 student, I competed in two math competitions but unfortunately never earned any award. The last time I competed in a Mathematics Quiz Bee was when I was in the sixth grade. I ranked 5.5 in the division tying with Jonah Mae Juan, my partner and my classmate. Though unable to snatch higher rank, I was contented with the result, the fact that we were many in the competition.

2.      English. I was somehow given a good foundation in my language skills. I learned to love it because my teachers would always encourage everybody in the class to love English. With that, I studied well. Though English is a very hard subject because of the many rules in it which in every rule, there are exemptions, I always find reason to enjoy it.

3.      Science- specially Biology and Chemistry. Though I did not earn high grades in these two subjects, I love the many bizarre I unfold as lessons are discussed. When I was in Grade 5, I also tried to join a Science Quiz Bee in the Division and fortunately secured the third post. Following this success was a silver medal in the Northern Luzon Cluster Fair, Science and Technology Quiz. My teammates and I just proved that our school is better or has an edge in terms of the science program among other schools in Northern Luzon.
During my high school years, I grabbed some awards and achievements I am really proud of. Though some are just simple ones, they symbolize the effort and time I spend just to have them which I will never forget.

Some of these are as follows:
·         I was a consistent topper. In every year level, I was ranked number one.
·         I graduated as the valedictorian of my batch. The highest achievement that I received was maybe being the valedictorian of my batch and this I am really proud.
·         I became a photojournalist of our school organ. Being the photojournalist in my senior year, I reached Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC). I am already happy with this though I dreamt to reach the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC). When I graduated, I received a medal for being one of the journalists who excelled in the field of Journalism.
·         Together with my teammates, I also reach as high as the Northern Luzon wide and won second place in the DOST Science Fair.
·         When I graduated, I received the Mercury Drug medal for Excellence in Science.
·         In the school, I ranked second in the National Assessment Test (NAT) and first in the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) where I got an average of 99+.
·         I passed Management Economics in the University of the Philippines Career Assessment Test (UPCAT) while Accountancy in the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test and Saint Louis University Career Entrance Exam.
In the campus, I was an active participant in many activities and bagged some awards which are listed below:
·         I was also a consistent champion in word factory.
·         With regards to poster and slogan making competitions, I won several awards starting first year to fourth year in the many different programs in the school.
·         My classmates and I also tried to join a dula-dulaan competition (private schools in our division) where we got gold.

My ambition and goals in life are just simple ones. Today, my utmost priority is to finish my education and pass the Board Examination after. How I wish I could maintain high grades up to the fifth year. After my studies, I will do well in my job and earn an amount.

I will do my obligations to my parents and try to help other relatives who are also in dire need. Next, I will already settle a family of my own. I plan to have three kids.

I know God will continuously bless me and to Him I entrust my all.

What Friendship Really Means

IT'S almost years when we first met
Just simple smiles of joy we felt
When we little bit care and love each other
Just have unending prattles when we gather.

Time like the breezing air had passed so swift,
Those different beliefs had come to fit
And that we never saw how nice we made
A circle of friends that will never fade.

Every morning of those days until now,
I still hear those voices which called me somehow,
Those simple greetings and calls that made us grow,
A family after all, how happy to know.

I don’t wish that we’ll be separated ‘coz of time,
I hope we’ll not forget we are different but rhyme.
Don’t wish that time will come that the rope will be untied,
Our song, our movie, our poem, our story and our stride.

Forever a Family

We cracked our jokes and laughed when we were happy,
We gave importance to one’s sorrow and glee,
I know we met because it is the will of the Infinite,
My heart will always find you space and assure all are fit.

We became parts of each life in an unexpected way,
Will there be time that we will have other friends to stay?
I hope we won’t leave the friendship in the race,
We’ll remember, love each other through life’s pace.

And under problems, we will always remind,
That with love, we’ll not leave each other behind,
Because this is our family after all,
We’ll love each other until our deaths befall.

Filipino Pride

DO you know the man who always makes us proud in his every success? Do you know the man who started from a single dream and is now luckily reaping the fruits of his hard works? Surely, you know him! He is the man who fights not only for the glory inside the ring but also fights for the Filipino nation. Yes, he is! He is the man who emerged as champion to everyone’s heart as he walks in honor and glory; nonetheless, the higher and greater the achievements he received, the humbler he became.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Simple Understanding of Love

I once fell in love with a classmate during my high school years. She was the first girl whom I offered my best effort and love. She was my first date, the first girl whom I wrote a love letter, whom I gave a necklace and whatsoever. She was the first girl who made me feel loved. She was my first, and I was so lucky.

It was already a long time since we parted ways yet she is still in my heart until this time. Why should I forget her? As if I can do it. And why should I let go if it’s no need? Those days were one of the colorful experiences of my life, the unforgettable, one that is not like any other.

It was a history, not a past for me.

She didn’t break my heart and she didn’t hurt me.

Many people deceive themselves by their own way of thinking. Many choose to stay into a situation where they spend much time on their hurting. Many choose to prolong their agony. Which for me, is not healthy. It just wastes our time, our energy. Many sit in the corner of the room and choose to keep their burden stay forever. Many choose to cry…………………..forever.

What I just wanna say is simple. More often than not, people seem to find reality as fantasy. They seem to be blinded by their imaginations and choices. It’s up to a person to see a situation. Loneliness is a choice, happiness too.

We need others, others need us. We learn from others, others learn from us.

Love is amazing. It is indeed for us. It is within us. We share it. We try as much as possible not to hurt others so that others may also love us the best they can. We need not to be alone. Love relates person to person, people to people.
We do not limit it. We make the best of it.

This article was also published in Filipino™ Blog Network:

Manners 101: Huwag kang Ganyan

MAY mga pangyayari talaga sa ating pamumuhay araw-araw na hindi natin dapat baliwalain.

Ito ang mga pangyaring hindi kanais-nais na masaksihan at higit sa lahat, mapagdaanan o maranasan. Ito ang mga bagay-bagay na gustong gustong gawin ng iba, mga gawaing naging parte na ng sistema ng pamumuhay na hindi naitama o pilit ibinaluktot sa kanya-kanyang rason.

Ito ang mga pag-uugaling hindi naiisip ng ilan kung ano ang mga naidudulot nito sa kapwa sapagkat normal na lamang ang mga ito sa kanila, ipinasapamuhay na at mahirap na ring tanggalin at baguhin. Kaya ito na ang pagkakataon upang pag-usapan natin ang mga pangyayaring madalas nating masaksihan na dapat ay hindi na nauulit-ulit.

I. Sa loob ng dyip

a) Dito madalas ang siksikan. Dito rin madalas mangyari ang “sikuhan.” Alam naman siguro ng mga kababaihan ang tinutukoy ko. Ilang beses na akong nakakita ng ganito. Kahit titigan mo na yung lalaki para lamang tigilan ang masamang layunin ay pilit pa rin nitong ginagawa. Kaya lagi sanang maging aware ang ating kababaihan sa ganitong pangyayari.

b) May mga tao talagang mas pinaiiral ang pride. Mahirap sumakay sa dyip na hindi nakaupo ng sapat. Natry ko na’to. Kahit pwede namang umurong ng kaunti, hindi nila magawa so no choice, uupo ka na lamang na parang ‘di karin nakaupo. Hindi na sila naawa.

c) Si mamang drayber, nagyoyosi. Kung ‘di mo man balak umalis, maging second-hand smoker na lang.

d) Para sa akin, hindi rin maganda yung basta abot na lamang ng bayad. Pwede namang sabihin ang mga katagang paki-abot po, pasuyo po etc. Pangit kasi yung sinusundot na lamang yung katabi e parehas naman kayong tao. Malay mo, iba pa masundot.

e) Huwag ring mag patugtog ng malakas. Iba-iba ang mundo pag nakasakay na sa dyip. Huwag mang-istorbo.

II. Sa mall, sidewalk, etc

Huwag humarang sa daanan. Yes! Ito yung mga pagkakataong may iniisip tayo tapos bigla tayong titigil na hindi namamalayang nakaharang na pala tayo sa daanan. Do not make public scandals. Ikaw rin, kung gusto mong pagtinginan ka ng iba.

III. Sa hapagkainan

Hindi ko lang po alam sa inyo kung naasar kayo sa mga kumakain ng maingay. Bukod sa tipikal na ingay talaga, ayoko yung maingay kumain. Ha? Paano ko ba sasabihin? Ito yung eating with the tongue and lips clapping. Ahahaha. Basta parang pumapalakpak. Ang sakit kaya sa tenga. Ewan ko. Para sa akin, i find this irritating.

One thing more. huwag maging buwakaw sa hapagkainan, kahit man maubos mo yan o hindi. Yung iba kasi (ako rin ba?) hindi iniisip yung kasama kung may nakain ba o wala. Basta busog, ok na. E paano sila?
Marami pa pong mga pag-uugaling dapat nating itama. Hindi ko na po binanggit ang karamihan sapagkat alam natin ang mga ito. Minsan, ating itong binabaliwala ngunit mas makabubuting mapagsabihan ang kapwa para sa susunod ay alam nila ang dapat nilang gawin in a specific time and place.

“Manners are the unenforced standards of conduct which show that a person is proper, polite, and refined in a definite time and place. However, they are not like laws because there is no formal system of punishing. We can consider that the main informal punishment is social disapproval.” -wikipedia
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