Monday, April 30, 2012

The Memories of 2011 Northern Luzon Regional Summer Youthcamp-Jones, Isabela

WHEN our dear pastor announced where and when the 2011  Regional Summer Youth Camp will be held, I didn't think twice. This is a very opportune time, I thought. The experiences of the past youth camps that I attended were amazing and I was just thirsty and hungry to attend once again, and it happened.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Farther I Get and the Longer I Stay, the Better I Look and the Better I Become

I wrote this autobiography last January. This article was a requirement in one of the subjects I took during the Second Semester. I didn't publish this article to boast anything. I hope you won't find it as such. This is merely a representation of God's blessings to His faithful son, and I hope that the things that I will share will become an inspiration. God bless us.

I am a native of Banna, Ilocos Norte. My father, Reynaldo Factora Francisco, is from this place while my mother, Josefina Aglugub Francisco is from Angadanan, Isabela. I stayed at Ilocos for eight years and then settled at Isabela in the year 2003 where I continued my education.  I belong to a typical, poor clan. My parents have not finished their secondary education because of the many obligations they have to do to help the family and also because of their financial status. My parents both entered the Bible School where they both graduated as pastors.

Aside from their being pastors, my mom and dad had also tried to go abroad. My mother went to Singapore and even to Jordan where she got my name. My father went to Hong Kong and worked in a hotel. They worked hard for the family so my parents had somehow improved the quality of our living.

My grandfather (from my father’s side) was with me when I was young, during the time that I was learning basic things in life. I consider him my best friend because when he was still living, he would always call me to accompany him plant vegetables in the backyard, feed the chickens and pigs, clean the garden and specially, sip coffee in the morning. He was a good teacher and a good disciplinarian. He was one of my inspirations. He died in the year 2006.

I have three siblings, a brother (Joefrey) and two sisters (Joy and Joan). They are already graduates from their respective schools. They studied in different universities with the three of them earning a career in teaching. They taught for several years but other opportunities had come along their ways which made them step to another road of their lives. Recently, the eldest and the third immigrated to Canada through the help of my other sister who had settled there earlier in 2007.

When I was not yet enrolled, I really never like reading books. What I only remember is that my elder sister used to post charts of words in a certain wall in the old house in Ilocos before which I tried to read and learn and maybe, this is how I started to learn how to read.

At first, I entered Lading Day Care Center in the year 2000 and received a medal for being active in class and a ribbon for my talent in drawing. Actually, I experienced joining poster-making competitions in this early stage of my education.

When I stepped into the first grade, I was already good in reading and writing. My teacher even told the class that I have the best writing among my classmates. My second year in Lading Elementary School was my last stay there yet a good farewell to my dear Alma Mater because I top the class. It was a bittersweet farewell for me though. I transferred to Isabela after.

Viga Elementary School wide open embraced me. I continued my studies there until I graduated valedictorian from this institution. I owe both Lading and Viga Elementary School a lot for giving me a good and competitive foundation of education.

I went to the city for my secondary education. I thought I would not be able to bear the difficulty of travelling every morning and afternoon because of the shaky and dusty road I have to pass in order to reach the city. I became motivated to endure this since I managed to place first in the class all the way to my last year in high school. In here, I learned many ideas and even the fruit of technology. Honestly, I was so ignorant on my first years in high school but I was thankful that I learned many different things as the days went by.

My stay in the school was an enjoyable experience with so much fun especially when we talk about my favorite subjects. My top three subjects are as follows:

1.      Mathematics. I can say that I am good in this subject since I have been getting high grades. When I was a Grade-2 student, I competed in two math competitions but unfortunately never earned any award. The last time I competed in a Mathematics Quiz Bee was when I was in the sixth grade. I ranked 5.5 in the division tying with Jonah Mae Juan, my partner and my classmate. Though unable to snatch higher rank, I was contented with the result, the fact that we were many in the competition.

2.      English. I was somehow given a good foundation in my language skills. I learned to love it because my teachers would always encourage everybody in the class to love English. With that, I studied well. Though English is a very hard subject because of the many rules in it which in every rule, there are exemptions, I always find reason to enjoy it.

3.      Science- specially Biology and Chemistry. Though I did not earn high grades in these two subjects, I love the many bizarre I unfold as lessons are discussed. When I was in Grade 5, I also tried to join a Science Quiz Bee in the Division and fortunately secured the third post. Following this success was a silver medal in the Northern Luzon Cluster Fair, Science and Technology Quiz. My teammates and I just proved that our school is better or has an edge in terms of the science program among other schools in Northern Luzon.
During my high school years, I grabbed some awards and achievements I am really proud of. Though some are just simple ones, they symbolize the effort and time I spend just to have them which I will never forget.

Some of these are as follows:
·         I was a consistent topper. In every year level, I was ranked number one.
·         I graduated as the valedictorian of my batch. The highest achievement that I received was maybe being the valedictorian of my batch and this I am really proud.
·         I became a photojournalist of our school organ. Being the photojournalist in my senior year, I reached Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC). I am already happy with this though I dreamt to reach the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC). When I graduated, I received a medal for being one of the journalists who excelled in the field of Journalism.
·         Together with my teammates, I also reach as high as the Northern Luzon wide and won second place in the DOST Science Fair.
·         When I graduated, I received the Mercury Drug medal for Excellence in Science.
·         In the school, I ranked second in the National Assessment Test (NAT) and first in the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) where I got an average of 99+.
·         I passed Management Economics in the University of the Philippines Career Assessment Test (UPCAT) while Accountancy in the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test and Saint Louis University Career Entrance Exam.
In the campus, I was an active participant in many activities and bagged some awards which are listed below:
·         I was also a consistent champion in word factory.
·         With regards to poster and slogan making competitions, I won several awards starting first year to fourth year in the many different programs in the school.
·         My classmates and I also tried to join a dula-dulaan competition (private schools in our division) where we got gold.

My ambition and goals in life are just simple ones. Today, my utmost priority is to finish my education and pass the Board Examination after. How I wish I could maintain high grades up to the fifth year. After my studies, I will do well in my job and earn an amount.

I will do my obligations to my parents and try to help other relatives who are also in dire need. Next, I will already settle a family of my own. I plan to have three kids.

I know God will continuously bless me and to Him I entrust my all.

What Friendship Really Means

IT'S almost years when we first met
Just simple smiles of joy we felt
When we little bit care and love each other
Just have unending prattles when we gather.

Time like the breezing air had passed so swift,
Those different beliefs had come to fit
And that we never saw how nice we made
A circle of friends that will never fade.

Every morning of those days until now,
I still hear those voices which called me somehow,
Those simple greetings and calls that made us grow,
A family after all, how happy to know.

I don’t wish that we’ll be separated ‘coz of time,
I hope we’ll not forget we are different but rhyme.
Don’t wish that time will come that the rope will be untied,
Our song, our movie, our poem, our story and our stride.

Forever a Family

We cracked our jokes and laughed when we were happy,
We gave importance to one’s sorrow and glee,
I know we met because it is the will of the Infinite,
My heart will always find you space and assure all are fit.

We became parts of each life in an unexpected way,
Will there be time that we will have other friends to stay?
I hope we won’t leave the friendship in the race,
We’ll remember, love each other through life’s pace.

And under problems, we will always remind,
That with love, we’ll not leave each other behind,
Because this is our family after all,
We’ll love each other until our deaths befall.

Filipino Pride

DO you know the man who always makes us proud in his every success? Do you know the man who started from a single dream and is now luckily reaping the fruits of his hard works? Surely, you know him! He is the man who fights not only for the glory inside the ring but also fights for the Filipino nation. Yes, he is! He is the man who emerged as champion to everyone’s heart as he walks in honor and glory; nonetheless, the higher and greater the achievements he received, the humbler he became.