Monday, April 30, 2012

The Memories of 2011 Northern Luzon Regional Summer Youthcamp-Jones, Isabela

WHEN our dear pastor announced where and when the 2011  Regional Summer Youth Camp will be held, I didn't think twice. This is a very opportune time, I thought. The experiences of the past youth camps that I attended were amazing and I was just thirsty and hungry to attend once again, and it happened.
This is the old bridge
Before the camp, I was in Baguio to enroll at Saint Louis University. The enrollment was on April 11. After my enrollment which took me about 4 hours to finish, I immediately went to the bus station to have my ticket. The ticket was reserved for April 12 because all other ticket were sold out, so I had no choice. I traveled back to Isabela on the night of April 12 and arrived there at about 5 in the morning. I took a short nap, and immediately went to the camp site.

 The new bridge to Jones.

Yes! After an hour, I was already there. "This will be awesome!" I told myself. During the travel, I was nervous because I don't know where the location really was. So I asked some of the folks on my way, and fortunately, I arrived there safely and of course excited! It was 11 in the morning when I arrived. Our pastors and participants in our district are already preparing for lunch.

This is the one of the morning sessions we attended. Many delegates from the different districts of Northern Luzon joined the camp, ready to be blessed and anointed.

Unfortunately, I missed the first day and so with the parade and street dance. This is usually done every first day of camps held. I met some old friends from Ilocos and other places.

This is a picture of the district banner that we used. Some of the our proud youths poses happily beside the banner. Last year, we won the Best Banner award in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. 

After our lunch, some of the games were already set. I, together with Kuya Twaine, joined the scrabble. I reached the finals but did not win. The kiddo in the group won! He is good! Some other players gave him compliments for the job well done.

The second day was awesome, the next days were-of course-awesome too!

After some other activities held on the second day, I got some rest in the room assigned to us then went outside to join my fellow youth.

We also went to the capitol of Jones. And had some fun there. The place is near the camp, a walking distance.

We indeed enjoyed the day! It was awesome. The bonding got stronger. The happy faces were signs of enjoyment.

After that we prepared for the night service. Pastor Leo Carlo Panlilio and Pastor Leo Duites are the guest speakers of the this year's camp. I learned a lot from them. One is about the death of Christ, how he suffered, explaining some historical explanations of scholars: how dip is the possible result of the wounds from the whips he got, etc. Pastor Panlilio asked us to stretch our hands and bend our knees for about five minutes, similar to how Jesus was crucified. It was hard! "Mahirap? mahirap ba? Ilang minuto palang nangangawit na kayo. Eh si Jesus, wala siyang reklamo. Kinaya niya," he said. (Is it hard? Is it hard? I only asked you to do that for a few minute but look, you are already whining. Jesus never complained. He took it all.) He made us realize that Jesus endured all things just to save us from our sins. The realization I got from it is that we should follow Him and be holy like Him, that we should always remember the pain God endured for us, and that we should not sin!

This is the last night of the camp.
The atmosphere changed. Everybody realized how displeasing all the things they've done in their lives. Thanks to Pastor Panlilio for making us realized that.

The camp came to its end. But before the participants go home, the pastor call the youth in an altar call. The camp was life changing and an eye-opener to the youth. All were highly blessed and may we grow as God's disciple and fishers of men as well.


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