Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Four Brothers: Eros, Storge, Philia and Agape

Every so often, we always find ourselves thinking of the future—finishing college, having a work, earning for a living, and finally getting into married life. Yes! Indeed, whatever we endeavor to do in the future, there will always be a time that we will be thinking of getting married and having a family.  This is something we have in common, and we should not wonder because we are all humans given the gift of love—to love and be loved.
I was just inspired to write about the different kinds of love because I know that this is crucial to everybody because marriage is not a game. I supposed that I will be writing for the youth and the people who are planning to enter into marriage in the future. However, I still considered that people who are already married might come and read this.

Eros, storge, philia, and agape are Greek words that would mean “love”. Let us talk first about eros, storge, and philia.

Storge is a Greek word for natural affection or familial love. Strong's Greiklek Dictionary gave a meaning on it as cherishing one's kindred, especially parents or children. Simple as it is, familial love is sometimes neglected by some family members. Some may even find themselves as victims of harassments and abuse right inside their homes. This kind of love is crucial in the growth and development of the children. Think about those people raised without their parents, those abandoned or simply not feeling the love of their father and mother. Parents should not forget that one of their responsibilities as parents is to spare time with their children, to have some quality time with them, and not just keep on working, working and working. They should be creative enough in dealing with this because children who usually grow out of familial love are likely rebellious and disrespectful. They may even become fathers or mothers who would do the same with what they have in their childhood in the future.

Philia is brotherly love. Some authors would say that this is the same with storge. I would agree on that in some perspectives. Brotherly love is the ‘love’ that we share with our friends, our companions, or what have you. A father and a son can also portray this kind of love. In the teenage years, this prevails among the other kinds of love. Teens would feel comfortable in the company of their peers or circles of friends. Brotherly love is often misunderstood by some individuals especially by opposite sexes. The male would perceive a female’s closeness as something greater than just brotherly love or vice versa. For me, the presence of this kind of love is important because it sometimes serve as a catching vessel to those who are unable to feel familial love. Where would someone seek refuge in times of loneliness especially when family members are not around? Of course, our friends are our heroes and our crying shoulders. That is why it is very important to value our friends.

How is agape different from the other types of love? Agape is the unconditional kind of love or God’s kind of love. It doesn’t require any conditions nor based on conditions. It is the no-matter-what love. You are just happy that you love this someone. Period.

Eros is the romantic or passionate kind of love. Eros love will always fall into the concept of sex. As a Christian, I value the sanctity of marriage, that is, pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex is a sin and that eros is only reserve for married couples. It is the only kind of love that God restricts to a one-man, one-woman relationship within the bounds of marriage.

A Message to the Youth

Let us enjoy our days as youth the best possible that we can but let us protect ourselves from the evil and immorality. Many different people will come our way. Many people would destroy us if we let our guards down. Let us not fail our parents by breaking or losing the dreams we have promised to them. There is a time for everything. Let us not be in a hurry.  One of the problems we are facing today is love. I don’t believe that love at first sight is love. That “love” that you are feeling will fade in the long run. Why? It is not love. Public display of affection (PDA) is a no-no. Don’t let your boyfriend/girlfriend do that! Come on! I wish is that may we grow as children our parents would be proud of.  May we live our lives to the fullest and may we find the happiness God has promised us. God bless!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Wrote Nothing

I had nothing to do that time that is why I tried to play this thing out of my mind. I didn't have any idea of what would make me busy so I decided to write something I myself wouldn't understand nor even get an idea about it.

I faced the mirror asking where and what is, how and who is, and why and when is. The air suddenly became hot and heavy, and the songs playing in my PC got angry and told me to cry! How crazy!

I held the pencil behind me, I tried to use it to finish this thing out but it wouldn't write in the screen. It has its lead but why? I checked it if it really writes. I pulled a paper from my bag. CHECK! It's OK, but why can't it write here in my PC? Why? I have no idea at all.

I got pissed off so I shifted my attention to my guitar. Been thinking about you baby! Hoooh! It even sang, so I joined and shouted, "And I don't know what to do! All I think about is you!" I had fun. I enjoyed the song (like I want to go back in high school, but reminiscing those memories is what I can only do now).

The cursor kept on blinking, blinking, and blinking. I wanted to stop its doing so I tried to write words rapidly, th quck broawn fo jumsa ovear the head o f thea lzus dog! But it was not effective. Stressed out? Not really, I enjoyed this thing. Thoughts from nowhere flew with me. I swam with words. I got tired. And fell asleep. Zzzzz. Good day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Follow me on Twi-THOR!

LOL. THOR-things flooded my wall so I got an idea and made one!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ang mga Bagay na Madalas Nilalabag ng mga Tao

Marami pa rin talaga ang mga pasaway at palalo sa atin.

Araw-araw tayong lumalabas para mamalengke, mag-aral, pumasok sa trabaho o mamasyal. Maraming rason. Maraming ginagawa ot pinagkaka-abalahan.

Tara! Pag-usapan natin ang mga bagay na madalas nating nilalabag o nalalabag. Bagama't ang mga ito ay simple lamang, kadalasan pa rin na hindi sila masyadong binibigyang pansin.