Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

1054 Steps to Home

There was an awkward feeling as I took my walk way home alone.

My friends and I had a good time watching a horror movie, the Paranormal Activity 3. It was not a scary movie nor a shocking or hilarious one. It was really not. What only made me watching it gruesome was a friend who kept on shouting until the movie was finished. But to see yourself with your valued friends is no ordinary. I felt that yeah, I was so blessed having them in my life. When the movie was over, I accompanied Ivy and Sherzee on their way home together with Axl. We had fun on the way. On my way back, Axl and I parted ways. So I continued walking alone. I reached the crossing and didn't found Adop, another friend I left waiting for a ride home also. Maybe, a jeep had come earlier. It was really awkward. I was scaring myself so I decided to walk faster until I reached the seminary. It was cold and only a dim light was giving a picture of where I am walking through. Across the road is an abandoned house. I didn't try to look at it because I might see something out there, so I never dared. I was still walking very fast. At last, I reached SLU. Wow, I had a bad feeling as I continued. I was fast approaching Quibad’s Place when a shadow caught my attention. I just passed on that shadow when I felt that someone was there. None of course! Ahahaha. I was laughing because my heart jumped scared. I was laughing at that time while staring at the shadow. I was actually counting my steps. I reached 600 steps already that time, and I nearly got lost on my counting.

I reached home.  I really had a good time. I thank God for everything. 

(July 2012)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jesus be the Center

God is just so AWESOME!
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It was Monday. I got just a 4-hour sleep because I already started my review for the coming departmental exam in my Accounting subject. Well, I have no choice. I am aware that when I do nothing, I might see myself entering another course next semester.  This would be one of the most disastrous things I’ll ever face in my life if it happens. Hence, I have to do the best thing, and that is by reviewing.

I’m a changed man indeed. Copying or cheating is not in my vocabulary anymore. I made a vow to God and that I have to stand for. Somehow, it helped, and it will be a big help in the future. I think, if I make myself used to cheating or to other things that aren't helping at all, I’d be unsuccessful—as if didn't learn my lessons, and that I passed because of such. Of course, I don’t like this, the idea. So today, I am establishing an attitude that will help me in the future.

I always say my prayers every morning or if I forgot, I do it while I am walking, sitting, eating or taking a jeepney ride to school. I do it in my mind everytime somehow. Before, I do not seem to care doing such. People change indeed. I believe this. Praying became a part of my life, a lifestyle that I have developed with God. I thank God for giving me a lot of chances to change my old ways. But, I always follow my own decisions and will. I am so sorry because I always shift myself into being carnal. I choose what my flesh dictates me. So, I have to make myself closer to God. I have to give some more time in my quiet times and in my devotions. I pray to God that I can still grow in Him.

My problems with my finances is narrowed. I do entrust everything. Every time money comes in my hand, I entrust my all to God. There are times that I find myself on the ends, the times that I almost cry because my money left is already not enough for the week. However, God is good. He never let me reach a point where I am so, so drained. I believe that when I seek God’s help and remain in His words, He will never let me down. And yes, our FATHER above is rich. We just have to trust Him.

I thank God for giving me my family, my mom and dad, my ates and kuya, my pinsans, my friends, my pastors and all people around me. I thank God for He has given me such precious love ones who, in one way or the other, fill what is not in me. You guys are my inspiration in everything I do. In everything, I give thanks to the Lord.

Yesterday, I just saw the dean’s list outside the university’s lobby. I got surprise when I saw my name in a high rank. I’m so thankful. I didn't expect anything. I remember the time I told myself that it is already enough to be a part of the list. But, no, it was more than what I set. I was in the top 50.  It was a blessed day. My hardships materialized. God knows how happy I was.

Was it not just so awesome? So, let’s do our best all the time because we will never know what will happen next and what will come in our ways in the times we do not expect. So let’s keep pushing. Let’s face life the best we could until we reach our goals. However, let us not forget that there’s a reason why we are here. To gain profits? To earn a lot of properties or money? To accumulate all wealth? These are not what God has planned us to be aiming or doing. We have to find a better meaning of our lives other than achieving such things. God has planned us to be brothers and sisters to everyone(big smile), just this. By doing His will, we will find a better idea of what God wants us to be. I am not saying that we do not use the technologies the world is offering us. I am just saying that let us not focus on those things. They are BONUSES not the real goals. They come along the way (another big smile).

God be with us all. Let’s not waste time. We can change ourselves now. Let’s all ask God’s forgiveness in all the things we have done wrong. Let’s reconnect again to God, and this time, we will never let the enemy cut it again. Doing the same mistake is fooling God. You know, God is so awesome. He does not care who we are or what we have done in the past. It’s only the heart that God is looking on us. Let’s stop doing the same mistake again guys. God is a forgiving God. But you know, we do not grow and we live in misery because of our sins. He can always forgive us but everything we do, He accounts it then consequences follows. In short, it is not God that we are fooling, it is ourselves that we are fooling. We are doing our journey hard and harder. God is offering a way. Who is God that we should not trust into? Who is God that we keep on ignoring?

Time is not yet too late to change our ways and follow God. Don’t prolong your agony. Just accept God in your life and let Him be the center of your life.