Sunday, November 25, 2012

Plastic Balloon

       Bliss of childhood,
       Memories flashed back.
       What kind of a past
       Did we likely had?
       A small plastic balloon
       Has brought us there.
       And we danced with it
       Like a child again.


A Letter to Maria

Of the flashy smile and of the stare,
Of the random look you dare to spare,
Of the flimsy character you always show,
I swear they are nothing –you always glow.
The long, black silk running from your top
It runs to your back, smooth and bright.
Sudden burst of happiness, O stop!
I cannot help it, I cannot fight.
You grow bigger everyday –I can’t contain,
You look vivid on your dress, you’re the highlight.
Even if the day is hot and dry, or even if it rains,
The same you will appear on my sweetest nights.
Of the flashy smile and of the stare,
Of the random look you dare to spare,
Of the flimsy character you always show,
I swear you got me–you should know.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baguio: The City on Board

The sun had already stretched its myriads of rays to the earth. The birds were busy hopping and flying in the innocent pine trees, the flowers of the wild sunflowers were already in full bloom while the waters coming from the small, narrow waterways just underneath the earth was silently rushing down the small village catering the bushes, grasses, and a variety of plants growing under the tall pines trees near the houses.

It took the sun a little angle again to see the clinging vines of the chayote which was being hidden by this boarding house. But the cold spell was still making me freeze while I was in the blanket cuddling a big pillow to repel the chill. Just a few minutes sitting beside the window,  I finally jumped out of the bed and took a shower.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


“Loving is not owning.” -MYMP

Many relationship nowadays are very conditional and became sigurista. It became love-me-because, i-will-love-you-if, i-love-you-because, etc. Those ifs and becauses turned love or loving as something to be labeled. It is for sure that there is a reason why you do love someone but it is not already right to love and ask or expect anything, something in return. That is why a lot of people hurt and cry. They were into what we call “labeled” love.

Just love unconditionally. God knows our heart’s desires. Who knows? Someone will come in your life the day, time, and place you do not expect. What a surprise then!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Semestral Break Reflection: Bye First Sem, Hello Second!

After being enrolled in the university, I immediately went back home to spend the rest of my vacation in Isabela. I am lucky enough to have at least one more week to rest and be with my family. It took me almost four months to finally have this break, so I will try to maximize and enjoy the break.

I have to say that I learned a lot this sem. Not just about accounting and academic matters but also social matters. I earned some friends and knew more about life. Knowing different walks of life is such a wonderful experience. When I knew that I have the worse problems in the world, I learned that I am still luckier or more fortunate than the others. I learned to give respect  and became more considerate to the people around me. I've heard their own stories—about their painful experiences. Those, I will forever cherish and store in my heart.