Monday, December 31, 2012

Twenty Hundred Twelve Happenings, Realizations, and Aspirations

It is just amazing that this day has come.

2012 started with new hopes and aspirations. We promised to ourselves that we'll do better in our work, in our relationships and in our endeavors. We imagined that it will be a year of prosperity and abundance. Today, we stand with them --all fulfillment and frustrations, all imaginations which materialized, all the hurt and anxiety, all sufficiency and privations, and all joy and sorrow. Bottom line is they reflect who and what we are today. Have we learned from them? Have we been stronger today? Have we been more matured? How far have we gone?

Undauntedly, we hoped that our government will get better. We hoped that the President will continue to fight against corruption. Yes, we indeed have shown our sense of nationalism by lauding our president in his efforts to end the tumultuous years of governance brought by selfish and corrupt officials. There maybe times that we also booed the president because of failures and irresponsibility. Nonetheless, we trusted and hoped for the betterment of our country. Today, we are now growing economically, and this impetus somehow affected our outlook to our country. The Philippines is now labeled a new economic tiger and will soon become a more progressive country if the wind continues to favor us.

It was in January when a number of people were buried alive in a mining landslide in the South. Then, followed by an earthquake which struck the island of Negros, several typhoons flooded places and even ended the lives of many people. The following months, more typhoons stormed the country killing more people. The Filipinos were also shocked by the six-round knockdown of Pacquiao.

But, 2012 was not merely about suffering and downfall. It was also of windfall and success. The peace deal was signed by the government and the largest Muslim rebel group which laid out the status of the Bangsamoro. Many Filipinos also became triumphant in sports. Investors became bullish to the Philippine economy. More buildings and public goods were constructed, and a lot more in the future. The Philippine stock market ended the fiscal year green.

On the contrary, many are unaware of this. Simple citizens were dealing with their lives the same. Many people still choose to go abroad. Many still do crimes, kill people, abuse children and women, extort from anyone else possible. This year, what have the majority of our people become? That, I am not sure.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rizal's Influence

And now my dear, I’ll face the reality
That Rizal had been a great hero
from the start until today.

And like his bravery and valiance
I’ll have to struggle and pass this test
Like he himself did suffer but endured
The wickedness of the colonizers
Who made him stronger but caused his death.

Today, is today, not yesterday
What therefore would a man do
To change the world?

He has to face her with great confidence
But not necessarily triumphant.
Rizal had suffered and I have too.
Lest, I have the power to follow his ideals
Or better yet create my own. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Joke of the Falpreths

And to you my brothers and sisters
We loudly shout and proclaim
That we found the truth --you shall know
She will not get any older.

For the great numbers
Our ancestors made which we believe in
Had shown us what our days are approaching--
fires and great tremors.

Our counting has matched the requirements
And that this is really certain
Lo, starting this day
Go, enjoy and count.

In the latter days of freedom and life
See to it that you are now prepared
For our numbers are accurate
It will happen--it is inevitable.

Specific! Yes it is
The clay and the figures
All connect well
Alas, at least we know when it is coming.

We are not warning you
We are just informing you
For we are not selfish
And we are just true.

If you might not believe us,
You have no other way but to
Count and enjoy, and count
The numbers do not lie.

And now once again, they have failed. God has ever been true to His promises. I hope "you" stop calculating and/or prophesying things.