Friday, March 29, 2013

Dreaming has never been this green. (c)JanicaValdez

Monday, March 25, 2013

SMALL WORLD. An insect attempts to cross a dangerous route. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

World within Worlds

It was October when the first semester ended. I left the city to see my family in Isabela. It was cold, silent, and dark when I packed my things up and rented a taxi. I carried my very heavy luggage containing all used clothes I was not able to wash, books I thought I would not be using anymore, and belongings I found unnecessary. I looked at myself while thinking of all the wonderful things I had that semester. Bravo? No. I was not satisfied.


November was not that good. After a week, I had to book my way back to Baguio to avoid another traveling drama. Unluckily, the day before the classes start was fully booked, so I was in class the next day.

It came. I saw my classmates, observed all of them, marked the silent, the noisy, the good-looking, the not-so-good-looking, and the friendly. I had all the right. It was a long day.

A month had passed, but it was the same the first day. We have our own worlds. We preferred South, they chose North, some enjoyed the oceans, while others went East and West. It was a world separated by indifference and exclusiveness. 


The environment we created was not invigorating. We were dead for quite some time. As we tried to fill the gap, we had minutes of connecting and probing. 'twas late when we realized we can make an Eden of our own.

What now? All we had in the first weeks were maybe all surmise. But, they are no longer important. What matters now is that we had quite some time learning each other. We judged quickly -- typical. However, here we are, finding it hard to bid our goodbyes as the end of the second semester is approaching.

Five months minus a month of adjustment was not enough.

But, I am still happy because we were able to climb mountains. The rivers and hills might have been cruel, but the journey was well worth it.

It is sad the story has to end this way.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nagsiksikan ang mga hari, kaliwa't kanan
Ininda ang singaw at init ng palalong palasyo
Nasanay na sa bulwagang kanilang kinauupuan
Araw-araw ba namang ito'y parte na ng kanilang estado.

Nagsindi ang amang kanilang pinagkakatiwalaan
Ngunit nang sila ay nauga-uga at naalog-alog
Isang malaking buntung hininga ang isinisi
Nagyabang, nag-ingay, at nagpalitan ng matatalim na tingin.

Hindi nila pinansin ang mabigat na pinapasan
Hinabol ang oras at pati na rin yata pagkalagot
Ng liwanang at saya ng mga naghahari-harian
Sino nga ba ang biktima kundi sila-sila.

Tumulo ang pawis dahil sa masamang hangin sa
Itim na lansangang palaruan ng mga nagbabatak
Ang iba ay responsable, ang iba ay walang pakialam
Huwag sanang mahuli ang lahat.