Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Isang linggong saya

Biglang nagbago ang lahat

Isang linggong pagkayamot

Animoy isang bola sa loob
Matigas, lumalaki,
Isang kending nakabaon
Ngunit mapait pa sa kape

Isang maliit na bagay
Ngunit malaki
Sa buhay ng biktima
Nana, hinog na.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Exuding great beauty of these mountains wrapped by verdant trees
She lets all fear and sorrow and grief fade away by her breeze
Exuberant wind blows the hot spell- the day after night
She restores good life, fortune by the Sierra Madre's might.

The blessings that pour forth from the rushing rivers and streams      
They are the gifts of nature--our daily music and hymns
They resemble how typical the life our people have
They give joy to every man's soul and heart abounded with love.

The fields and plains which are much blessed by their fertility
People cultivate and use them for our food and sustenance
When storms come and destroy the crops and all of our bounty
People may suffer and lament but will stand again and dance.

Oh my Isabela, the roads are yet to be travailed
But let be your verdancy and glorious past retained,
Let not hate and selfishness run in the blood of your band
May lasting peace and love surround your mighty land.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Garbage Can and the Wheel

The rest was playing
You rolled away
But at the end of the day
You came home and rolled near
You were a circus in my life
Shining in your black stilettos
Rocking me insane
Swaying me to bliss.
Am I selfish not to tell
The secrecy of my love
The silence of my plight
The deepening feeling I have
Morning, you go away
But as you move out
I see the beauty in you
Even beautifuller when struck by the sun
Not sexy, but pleasant
Not showy, but striking!
The day gets longer
When I think of what joy you bring
My work is the garbage
You'll dare not to know
I dare not to tell
And even not to show
But, I bound myself in a feeling
I still have to shout out
There you go, circulating
The air in you is hot
I will make that cool
Only if I can go near
Only if we were meant to be.
You roll away?
You'll come back.
I'll wait.