Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer 2013

It came. It ended. Everything in full speed.

A very tiring last day was the climax of all long those dragging days of this summer! Add the boring instructors. Include the NSTP, plus the burden of waking and walking everyday while my mind was imagining beaches, rivers, mountains, and everything a person should enjoy in a typical summer. I couldn't imagine myself nor my grades(grin). Everyday, I was riding on two boats: studies and the other one carried me into clouds of daydreams and wishes. So, it is no wonder I made a poor showing inside the classroom. Nonetheless, I crossed the line, satisfied and even thankful.

Another summer term has gone! Finally.

Home Sweet Home

I was home in the morning of Thursday. A brilliant light welcomed me. The trees swayed in the summer air. Hot it was, but this is home. I felt a sudden longingness to this place, and it always feels good.

There is really no place like home.

The road to our house is always cheerful. It rocked me back and forth, joggled me up and down. It reminds me of the four years I endured in high school. This road was a part of my journey. Every morning back then was a challenge. I used to ride in manong Ampiong's trike, later, in uncle Pogi and Jerry's whichever is available. When the weather is hot and dry, I feast in tapok [dusts] and ling-it [sweat]. When it rains, I rejoice in splatters of pitak [mud]. Those days are flashing in an instant, and looking back makes me even more thankful this time.

 The house is silent as always, but you can hear the taul [bark] of the dogs outside, the chirp of the mayas, and the cackle of the hens busy in feeding their young. You can also hear the whistle of the pulley while a karruba [neighbor] is fetching a pail of water. No one uses the speaker in the house, nor did they try to play some songs. Lola does anything she likes. Mom does the same, whilst dad would basically stay in our small babuyan [piggery].
This is how they spend the day. Very typical. But, I am very happy that mom volunteered to learn how to use the PC. Now, she frequently opens her Facebook account, visits her friends' walls, chats with people she is concerned with, and even does some videocalls.

I stayed inside the house to get some rest and facebooked for some time. Mom barely found time for her turn (grin). But, I was not a so-selfish son, so I gave her some minutes. Kidding!

First Day: To the Mountains

Monday, fifth day since I arrived, was the start of my summer escapade. A few barkada (not a sure call hehe) invited me to their trip to Quirino. I snapped a sure yes of course. So I packed my things and got the engine hot. I counted eleven people in four motorbikes, but carrying our luggage was not a burden though. So we set ourselves in a long travel, and tired out butts out.

I thought we would have a rough travel since our destination is in the mountains. The way was improved and furbished, and there was only a few distance when it's dusty. [When you have the lead, you inhale fresh air, hihi]

It took us almost two hours to reach Disimungal, Nagtipunan, Quirino. All ate their lunch except me. I was so hungry; they didn't know. Good thing I brought some biscuits.

Unloaded immediately and went to a falls! I don't know what they call it. It seemed pristine and undisturbed. The distance from our boarding house was about a kilometer. You'll cross a young river and hike a few heights to reach the place. They have saba [bananas] everywhere. But near the falls were coffee [would I be right if I call them "wild"]. There were kappa-kappas[some kind of ferns]  hanging on trees. There were dragonflies, beetles, and ants.  In a distance, you can hear the water rushing.

They rushed there excitedly while Jay2 and I walked a little bit slow to capture photos of the place. There is a house nearby, and I saw this little girl biting and sipping a stick of unas [sugarcane]. Before their house was an ubbog [spring] where you can have a drink using a sabsabot [coconut shell]. They grow kapas [cotton] and saba in their bangkag [field]. They kaingined some of the mountains in order for them two grow such plants.

When I finally reached the place, the company had their rest already. I threw my camera and cellphone, climbed to a height and plunged into the water! It was two meters deep I suppose and the turquoise water was cold. It was a thrilling experience, and it took me twice to really feel it was finally summer [I call it summer because classes has already ended] although summer has ended to some.

We had a great time to explore the place. There were kappi or kippi [crabs] living and a lot of amlid [small fresh water fish; some call it puk-puklit] and watergliders. I didn't find any bird except of a number of dragonflies. The locals know this place but only a few tourist--if we were not the first--had visited this place so far.

An hour later, we decided to leave the place.

The team crossed the river, but the kids convinced us stay and enjoy the water for a while.

Uncle Sammy brought ducks enough for a supper. Pastor Jerry's mom did the cooking for us. Slices of ripe papaya were also served. Babying our full stomach, the company enjoyed the night so much. Uncle Kuting was a natural joker. With him, you cannot count how many times you'll find yourself laughing.

I chose to sleep in a long chair. It was cold, but a blanket and my jacket were enough to keep me warm.

Second Day: To the Beach

A cultural song had awaken me. It sounds like a music from the Cordilleras. I recognized some more words so I might be correct if it were Kan-kanaey's.

Coffee awakened our sleeping souls. Breakfast was ready: salted eggs with tomatoes, tuyo [dried fish], and kinirog [sinangag; fried rice].

It was 8 a.m. when we rolled up and down the road. We had an easy drive in the first kilometers. Agtas [native folks] can be spotted along the road. Some were walking in groups and some were alone. They wear they kinky and reddish hair. They speak two languages: Ilocano and their native tongue. Greet them and they will easily give you a smile.

Not so long when I began to notice some fruit peelings which look like that of a rambutan. They were scattered along the road so I asked Pastor Jerry what they are. Wild rambutan, he replied.

While driving, we looked for this fruit so we can also try how it tastes. We were lucky to find a tree full of these fruits. It was steep, but I really tried to reach the place. There are a lot of ampipit [some kind of stinging ants] along the way. I didn’t notice them immediately so they were able to sting me passionately.  It was both a HAHA and a HUHU.

After two hours, we finally reached Aurora. There are a lot of coconut trees in the area.

It was about 11 when we find a place to cook. Pastor Jerry has a relative near the place so we were able to have our lunch on time. Uncle Kuting and Uncle Sammy prepared a kilawin and grilled some of the flying fish we bought. We also had sinigang. Eating in banana leaves made our lunch even extra special.

We rented a banka to see the place. There are some huge rock formations along the coast, and we even had the chance to climb one. The place was really amazing.

We enjoyed some hours in the water but immediately gone back to the mountains for supper. Uncle Sammy bought an igat[eel] which was "adoboed" and "siniganged."

Junuan Falls: The Last Stop

Last day, but we seem to be energetic still. Some of us had visited this place already. It was my first time. There are sabawil [jadevine] in the place. Crabs and bukto [a kind of fish] also live there. There are ferns and some other wild plants in the place.

What I enjoyed the most was climbing the falls. I was so careful because the rocks are slimy. The rushing water massaged us somehow.

It was also fun watching the crabs outrunning each other every time I throw rice in the water.


We were supposed to go home after visiting the falls, but I was convinced to still see White Rock River in Maddela. We enjoyed swimming with the youth of San Pedro. We even climbed a cliff and plunged to the water. It was a thrilling experience jumping from a height of six meters to an 11-feet deep river.

It rained but it didn't stop us to go to another place-- spelunking time!

Then boom! Summer suddenly ended.

I bade my farewell to my family, and travelled back to Baguio.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


The cruelest thing is to be born abandoned
It is the most painful truth to be accepted
Unloved by the persons who created us
So we suffered while other people enjoy.

Should we consider ourselves alone and unlucky
Or should I say we're still lucky coz we're not alone at all
There are other kids who feel the same way
Were abandoned and taken into the world by mean people.

Is it our fate that we have to suffer like this
Some say we have to face it and make a good life instead
I wonder why, have they felt what we have in our hearts
The great sorrow and longingness of a son?

Yet, we are still searching for the love of a father and a mother
The streets had only given us suffering and pain
We were dogs after all, wandering in the streets for food
Avoided by people because we smell like garbage.

We are a menace, rotten rats rattling their minds!
A great problem of the society, non-humans!
Now, where is the earth created for us?
Or, are we a part of the earth created for them?

After all, we were a pleasure they were not able to control
And so we are here asking whys for the rest of our lives
If we die, and I will not live long for diseases have stricken,
What reward will we get with all of this contemplating.

With all the eyesores and irritation we didn't mean
What has in store for people like us
Well, I don't know and why we're even asking
We are persons who have lost hope and have given up.

People say we are sons of a king
I say, we are of the streets.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glorious Ruins

I lifted my eyes in the midnight air looking for the stars that shines the brightest. Flickering and twinkling near three distant stars, you're calling me to go back to my senses.

Yes, I fell so deep and now it seems hopeless, but hope is all there is for I lost everything. Carry me again the way you used to, please. Carry me to your shoulders, and swing me and sing me a happy song because I fell so deep down here. I can't breathe.

I know, now I just realized, that it is not enough to enjoy every thing and every time when the heart is empty, and when the soul is lost. The world faded in an instant I didn't expect. Sorry, I have gone crazy all the way. Now, I'm thirsty of your love. I'm hungry of your love.

I was lost into the world, but now I'm coming back. Carry me again the way you used to, please. Carry me to your shoulders, and swing me and sing me a happy song because I fell so deep down here. I can't breathe.

Note: Hillsong Live's new album, Glorious Ruins, is the inspiration of this piece. Thus, the title.