Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five Stars

You made me think I got a very good drawing
So I made my coloring better, not committing any mistake,
Drew the circles better like the moon when it’s full,
And sharpened my pencil more often than I used to.

You made me think I can be trusted every time you leave
So I picked up the stick and acted like the boss
Put on my angry face when someone gets noisy
And tried to control them with all the energies I got.

You made me think I can be a good leader
So I wrote everything you said and stock them on my brain,
Became more active in the daily chores of life,
And cleaned our areas better than what we used to.

You made me think I can take full responsibility
So I studied more and more until neurons got entangled
Squeezed every juice in my brain to get the prize
And witnessed how it feels when I get what I worked hard for.

You made me think I can sing like the nightingales
So I began to exercise my vocal chords all day
Grabbed an imaginary microphone to practice with
And held my concert inside the four walls of your classroom.

You made me think I got more on my sleeves
So I chose to explore more on the things I can do
Focused on the activities and challenges you throw us
And made them my own masterpiece ala Da Vinci.

You made me think I can solve like some great Mathematician
So I burned myself all night to befriend these numbers
Bought some lollipops so just they could call me friend, too
And shared a lot of moments with them until I go to sleep.

You made me think I can be like Shakespeare,
So I consumed all the books our small library got
Imagined the whole day how-could-that-be-and-why
And bled some blood for the words were slowly stubbing me.

You made me think I can be a great manager
So I jotted down all schedules so that I can manage my time
Checked and wronged the things I was able to do and not
And graded myself according to completion and failure.

But, you know, no matter what you are on my mind today
Whether you became a good one or not—at least to me—
I learned the values of diligence and patience
I learned how to read and write, sing a happy song
I learned to compose my own song and poems
I learned to cry and fight for my dreams in life
I learned that life is not just about us
But it is also about you and how you journeyed with us.
I learned that life is not just how we fare well in class
But it is also how we fare well with others under pressure.

I just realized that teaching is not just about us and you, being our parents.
I realized that it is also about you and us being your children.

Happy Teacher's Day po Ma'am and Sir. Maraming salamat po.

photo credit: 123rf, cybernag


  1. This is a nice tribute for our dearest teachers.
    A good read!

    1. Thank you, sir! In one way or the other, they have been a part of ourselves. They deserve the best.