Monday, November 25, 2013

Rekindling What was Long Forgotten

When I was a kid, I was particular with details. I plan and create, and when I found the work dull, I ponder and do the work again. I love putting unnecessary details, but in the long run, I learned to keep my work simple. I forgot about the glitters and the ribbons. I forgot the curly lines and the colorful shadows that dance around figures and letters. They are all gone but not my love in the arts. I am happy that some people began to appreciate the things I draw. My daycare teacher would choose me to go to competitions which I do not like before. I have this fear. I do not want to face many people so the letters my teacher would ask me to give to my mother would end up being thrown in the river. But one day, I forgot the routine so mom learned about it and trained me. No matter how they like me to draw, I would make a square window circle thinking they would rather make me stay inside the house than go to the city and compete with other children. Soon, the competition came, and I ended up coloring my drawing and explaining to the audience what was it. I can still remember that time even if that's thirteen years ago, and I can't stop laughing at myself--what a silly kid I was. It became a stepping stone to me. I drew more and tried making posters. When projects come, I finish them easily and even make some money by doing other classmates' projects. High school was even more exciting. You do posters here, posters there. Every program has its own poster-making competitions, so I tried to win some, and win some more. It was fun actually. In my first, I lost. But after it, I began wrecking balls! I win every competition I joined. When I began to notice it, I tried doing slogans, and I always landed third! I wonder why. College was another stage in my life. I became simpler than what my mind could imagine. I was satisfied by completing the work, the usual presentations, projects and what have you, without putting extra effort to make them more presentable. I remember a comment from a teacher: "You are very minimalist." Actually, I love the comment. It made me even more minimalistic, but don't be like me because people tend to appreciate things with special touches. Like what my law prof would say, I say, bahala ka diyan. Today, I just discovered things again. I dared to make some collages and paintings to keep myself sane.

Recent work

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Morning

Yesterday was a total change. From the room I so loved, I'm now living in a whole new one. I got a big clear window that shows a great view of the outside, and I got the usual noise of the morning: dog barks, vehicular noise, footsteps, a free radio on the neighborhood, and a singing girl in the other room.

My morning is a lot different now. But I love the birds chirping in that lonely tree. And these lines of wires intersecting each other, they make me think of life and its paths.

The room looks empty so I am planning to do some paintings and collages. I will print a copy of Desiderata and paste it in the ceiling. What a nice poem to read before going to sleep! I just really hope I'll be able to finish a collage or a painting because they are in my to-do list this year.

Ang bago kong lungga.

Mga librong nakolekta ko. Madadagdagan pa kaya?