Friday, December 13, 2013

The Coming

I’ll never forget that day! Yes I will never forget that day.
Young Parents

It was cold and the sky was really dark. I was sitting near the window when suddenly, a howling wind banged the door of the room. Frozen spine. Goosebumps. Suddenly, Katy entered the room and offered a coffee. I didn't answer her. Not that I didn't want coffee that time; I simply didn't know what to say! The things that we discussed last night were on the back my mind.

"Katy, I was guilty. I made that mistake." I was telling her but she wouldn't hear. It's just so weak. 

"I’m so sorry Katy. I was so selfish. I don’t know what to do now. My parents are abroad and so are my brothers and sisters. But don’t be scared. I am thinking of all the possibilities. I am planning to ask money from them. Don’t worry as long as we keep this just for us, there will be no problem…." I was agreeing with myself.

"But what if we instead face the world and be proud of what is coming in our life. Oh, yes Katy! That would be the best thing that we can do!"

In the end, we decided to raise our child – young as we are –and chose to be proud parents.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wear yourself through TIMEX

TIMEX® Originals Vintage Inspired 1978
I remember someone saying watches are now being replaced by technology. By that, he meant phones and other gadgets. Well, I do not agree. Go to different places, wear your watch, and you will not worry about your time. When you are traveling, things might be so surprising, and you might be so excited that you'll jump into a river with your phone in your pocket! That would be a serious problem. But with watches, you can always be on the go. Needless to say, almost all watches now are water resistant! So next time you go outside, don't forget to wear one!

Introducing TIMEX® Originals Vintage Inspired 1978!  As one who loves traveling and staying outside, wearing this TIMEX® Hero watch best suits the personality I have!

This watch offers me two interchangeable straps. When the sun is in full bloom, I would pick the orange one! The color suits my style of clothing. Plus, the color reflects something that is lively and full of enthusiasm. It's perfect because I love music and crowd! And when adventure time is on, the black strap would simply do it. With the classy, vintage-inspired watch and a jacket, I can go to every place I want.

But most especially, I was in love with the design. I am a very simple man and this watch, for me, defines simplicity. When going outside, what's important is you are confident with what you are wearing. It defines you and it becomes you at the end of the day.

So, again. The next time you go outside, don't forget to wear one! Don't forget to wear a hero! Don't forget to wear yourself!

01 December 2013

It's finally December mga kapatid!
It's the last month of the year so I wish everyone a month full of love, peace, and blessings.
Let's pray that God will continue to bless our lives.
May we find inspiration and joy in all the things we do.
And most especially, may we be able to give love and provide strength to all people around us.
God bless everyone.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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