Thursday, April 17, 2014

Table Tennis I

I have a background of table tennis when I was in high school. I was already senior that time. I tried to play with the younger students and had an idea of the game, and then I graduated.

I really thought I would not be playing that sport again, but thanks to SABM and to those kind people in that room. I was able to learn the game so much.

I can still remember that time I entered that PE room where the SABM table tennis team is playing. There was Darell, an old pal standing at one end of the table, playing with someone who is easily identified as a member of the team because of his body movement and the way he played, not mentioning the uniform he was wearing. He is Mac. I smiled and watched them finish the game. And then I was introduced to the people inside the room. That was the beginning of my table tennis story in the university.

I met Mabs, John, Sheree and other members of the team, people who never said "You do not belong here" despite the poor games I've been showing. They gave me a chance to change my game, the way I move on the other side of the table, and later I felt better. I played better games.

I can still remember how they laugh at me when I hit the ball. Kuya Stephen even mimicked my movements, so I realized that I should listen to them. I accepted that I have to practice a thousand times because I know I have to.

Now, I am in my fourth year in college. I have been playing table tennis in the past two years but never have I considered to be serious about it. I do not yet own any racket then not until lately when I decided to buy one. I chose to use long pips in my BH and I must say, it's fun! But I have to master yet the rubber I'm using.

I can hear the sound of the balls bouncing on the table. I can hear the screech of the shoes moving around. I can hear the sound of the spins and drives. I am really excited to see the development of my game.