Monday, January 12, 2015

Three Must-Do Things among my Should-Dos this 2015

The second semester starts on January 19. Students will again enter different classrooms, meet different people, and learn something new. We will fight again the deadly magnets in our daily routine like staying in bed for so long, Facebooking for so long, eating too much and hanging out too often that we forget we're still students. It's going to be a battle. So for this semester, I listed my three must-dos. I will print it in large fonts so that every day, I'll be reminded.

1. I will read more. I'm talking about the tomes I have to buy again for some classes, specially accounting. I might take a rest in reading novels, but I made a promise I will finish The Racketeer before another Grisham book comes out midyear. 

2. I will write more. I'll take down notes so that I will not have a hard time photocopying or borrowing notes from diligent classmates. I'll also blog more often.

3. I will save more. By the end of the year, I should have at least Php8,000.  How? I will follow a saving system, 5 or 10-peso increment. I will avoid soft drinks. I will not buy books from Booksale

These are my three must-dos. How about you? What are your thee must-dos for this year? Leave a comment, and let's also talk about you.