Saturday, August 8, 2015


2011. Graduated from high school. I decided to go to SLU. I gave up UP education coz I was afraid I might not like Management Economics. I bade farewell to Thomasian education coz I knew we couldn't afford it.

2012. Adjusted with college/boarder life. Transition from high school to college was smooth. Learned that Accounting was not algebra. I had no idea what my course is actually. But I couldn't step back now.

2013. Enjoying my accounting subjects. Challenging and fun. Finally accustomed to the life of accountancy students.

2014. The hardest part! Loaded with accounting subjects. Taxing and heart-breaking! If you cannot catch, you'll fall too fast. Barely managed to get high grades, but my effort is on top.

2015. It's kinda serene and quiet. A time to reset focus. More of a rest and relax phase of college. Finding rhythm. Reflecting of what has transpired in four years. Looking back. The rest of the year is a marathon. We gotta finish this in a style.

Thank you Lord for the unending love and amazing grace. I give my all to you.

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