Who I am

Taken 7/30/2013. 

Thank you for visiting this blog.. This is a short introduction of myself.

I'm  Jordan, a short guy who has a soft spot for nature and sceneries. I find warmth and comfort sitting under trees, walking on the field, and planting different kinds of plants. I'm a music lover; standard is my best buddy, although I listen to pop and ballad. Studying has eaten almost all of my time, so to keep my sanity, I listen to music, play table tennis, and write in my blog. I draw, paint and also make collages.

I am obsessed with sports. I am hooked to chess, tennis (both lawn and table), volleyball, and basketball. I am a fan of Wesley So, Serena, Nadal, Murray, Hamilton, Aronian, Chicago Bulls, Azkals, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long. 

I created this blog because I love telling stories. I love photography. I love poetry. I love travelling. I love streets and lights. I love crowds. Writing has been a hobby since high school.

I am a believer. Jesus Christ is my Savior. I live in His Grace. 

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