Flying Letters is the first of the three blogs I am currently managing. This is a personal space for shout-outs, opinions, reflections, stories, musings, and the like. It was established in 2012 when I thought I need to write personal stuff which I can also share with people I knew, so after fixing the blog, a Facebook fan page was created.

If you notice, the first articles this blogsite contains were published first in Definitely Filipino which became my launchpad into writing online. It's where I thought of using "Flying Letters" as a pseudonym. Then I learned about Blogger, hence this blog.

I do not follow any theme here. I just write freely, but as much as possible, I keep it clean and simple. English is not the only medium that I use here.

This is not a big-deal blog for me. It's just a memento I want to keep for myself.

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